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A gentleman emailed me a couple of weeks ago to enquire about how effective these products are as he saw my feedback for the gel, so I thought that I would write a review on the subject.

I have been using the teeth whitening gel for several months now.  I tend only to use the strong 35% stuff!  It works! 

My teeth have always been fairly clean but this gel really lifted the intensity of the whiteness.  I would say they whitened a good three shades possibly even more & so were gleaming by the time I had finished - infact I get loads of comments about how gleaming they are!

Altogether I would say it took about four treatments to get the results I wanted.  I did it everyday for 15-25mins although you should, according to the instructions, only keep it in your mouth for 15.


I found that if I used a generous amount of the gel my gums got a little sore & that the skin peeled a little - but dont be alarmed! it was nothing really - there is no bigger coward than me & I am still using it.  It turned out that it was actually my fault because I didnt trim the gum shield down so that it wasnt in contact with my gums.  Once I did that there was no problems at all.  Some people find that it gives them sensitive teeth too but I havent experienced this problem.

I cannot say how it effects fillings or false teeth e.t.c as I dont have any but the write-up on the listings should tell you all you need to know.  "If in doubt leave it out" or ask your dentist. 

My mum tried it and she has "caps" and fillings, it didnt whiten them much but in fairness she didnt really give it a fair try or use it enough.  It didnt hurt her teeth or cause any problems for her, though.

If in doubt leave it out.  You can actually find online dentists that you can email & ask about it - I think its very likely they would give you some advice on the matter.

 I must say, though, that when my mother asked the dentist about using it he said the kits dont really work but in my experience with this stuff that's rubbish - it does! - I have gleaming white teeth to prove it!  Having your teeth done at the dentist costs an absolute fortune so its a good deal cheaper to do it yourself.

Be careful of the enamel on your teeth.  It can restore itself I believe after so long but if you want to protect your teeth after bleaching them you can buy restorer on ebay.  I'v never tried it but it seems like a good idea.


I would say that the results on my teeth last around a couple of months.  If you drink a lot of coffee or smoke than I would think it would be less.  i tend to keep some whitener in all the time so that its always on hand if they need a touch-up I can do it.

I usually only do my top teeth & not the bottom but you can really tell - my lower teeth are around two or three shades duller than the top so I've started doing them too & after just one session I can see the difference.


Quite a generous amount actually.  Enough for about ten treatments.  But the stuff is cheap to buy so its affordable to everyone.

In with the teeth whitening gel you get two gum sheilds (the gel comes in a syringe - dont worry no needles involved!!!)

you have to soak the sheilds in hot water for a few seconds & then put it in your mouth & suck on it until it moulds to the shape of your mouth & teeth - then your all ready to go.  Just put a small amount of gel on & your away.

The postage is super fast too - I usually get it within two days of paying for it.

Hope I've been of help to anyone who wanted to know about this stuff.

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