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After several  jobs

 in the first 10 years or so after leaving school, I eventually entered the field of merchandising.

Here I came to appreciate the value of good advertising, and to realise what a prodigious

amount of time and money is spent on this medium.

I also became aware of the tremendous market that is always open for new advertising ideas.

In the course of my job, in a well-known Liverpool department store,

I came across a copy of the "Standard Directory of  Advertising Agencies" which is basically a

very long list of advertising agencies, operating in the UK - which is also available at all libraries.

These, I realised, were potential customers for any interesting  advertising material that I or

anyone else could gather  together.

With this in mind, and whilst still working in the store, I started plans for an

advertising business to operate from home.

I began collecting newspaper advertising from every newspaper I could get my hands on.

I collected the best ads in about ten different categories such as furniture, carpets,

electrical appliances, men's and  women's clothing, car accessories, etc, and pasted them up on A4 paper.

I had one hundred copies made of each sheet photocopied which cost about ten pounds.

I then assembled the sheets into folios according to categories -

hence each folio contained about ten sheets of advertising ideas. 

Next I made up a cheap but attractive brochure introducing the advertising material folios,

which I offered to sell at five pounds each, and sent a copy of this brochure to about

a hundred of the advertising agencies listed in the "Standard   Directory".

I was totally amazed by the response from this introductory mailing and I knew that I was

on the road to success.

I now charge customers a subscription rate per year for this advertising ideas service

and supply them with new folios  each  month.

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