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****** Please note that I am NOT an "expert" on Vivienne Westwood, as there is a terrible drought of designers here in Australia and you can't buy any of her stuff. This guide was written based on common sense, experience with other fakes, and experience with the few items of both fake and real VW jewellery I have seen**********

I love Vivienne Westwood’s amazing jewelry designs, but there is a HUGE amount of fake jewelry out there on eBay. To be 100% certain that what you’re buying is authentic, you could go to a Vivienne Westwood store, or visit Hervia dot com (Sorry, can’t link in this guide, Google it). Unfortunately for those of us who live in countries void of good designers, eBay can be our only hope of getting our hands on Vivienne Westwood, despite the risks associated. This guide will hopefully help other VW lovers to avoid being deceived.

Why buy a real over a fake? Well if you’re wondering this you shouldn’t be reading this guide! But still, if you have any experience with fake and authentic designer items, you will appreciate the amazing quality that you get when you invest in authentic items. I have a friend with a fake VW necklace and the crappy plastic ring around the orb snapped in under a week. Also, the counterfeit industry has been known to fund organized crime, and counterfeit apparel has been known to be made using child labor.

Here is an email I received recently from a user that had been scammed out of about $300 by a Chinese website!
"Dear dbrysonaus,
Thank you very much for your help,... I had an authentic VW brooch which helped me compare with the order passed on : a packet from China arrived and l instantly knew they were counterfeits. The site offers a 15-day money back guarantee and I have been harrassing them by email for a return address/number... No success, l've just been robbed of over £150... How could l be so naive and believe the 50% discount they offered. Nowhere on the site l could have guessed they were from China. Thanks for your comment on fakes... Take care, *****"

I have calculated that at least 75% of the Vivienne Westwood jewelry on eBay UK is FAKE. (Calculated June 2009 but figures may have changed since). There is a similar percentage of fakes on the other eBay websites (Australia, US, Canada). eBay UK is the best place to look for VW but unfortunately you will have to be careful of the large amount of fake bags, t-shirts, and jewelry.
You can exclude sellers from your searches by going to Specify Sellers > Specific Sellers > Exclude >
Below is a list of sellers who I have found to be selling fake VW jewelry.

**Unless I am at least 95% certain that the item is fake I have not blocked the seller **
**Note: not all of these are repeat offenders, although most of them are. Some of them I have found to be selling or buying at least one fake item and I wouldn't trust them! **
**This is only sellers selling from within the country**

As of 10th of September 2010, the following sellers on eBay UK are selling fake VW jewelry:
reas2010clark alisonw4531 falco55911 gingerwoody2009 jrc19660 beatmybargain06 lilly0793 valerie1947_2008 24kyle0 im24gamble pick_n_rock amyrasey liamboysdad khalid_nobeel iant3670 leggett2512 glamourdollsonline jojo-jumbo june21molly sammylou1992 desalvadora103 goosiemus 5297samantha harrycullen amyf3512 shrekira ickleyellowfish wall398 3d-xpert jokrha xxgg5255 paul10100_0 jewelleryicon alison660_1 padge1200 *sarahlouise rosy12121 adele3870 babybelle64 markandjanice123 fatli0192 redhair711 2009emilygaga pinkprincess783 lotusblossum57 fashionqueens2009 dominikpoz 755224 gracelacy blueberrypye jonnys-tshirts 189gemma rubyscafe5678 francescamichael06 prs_riot182 european.glory 4441brown cplustrade coolvssexy essdona09 luckyvicky09 ashcroft8447 rrahmaniy3 starngwinoliscious88 natalie271285 vickieh1976 tj-1518 catharine5556 arthur240563 lessthangem envelope68 kellen1628 astrasxi2007 adelebrown42009 rubyshoes05 tattoo.heroine chelsea-jan1970 c5141 leanne.williams julesjewels-2008 beaug tina-joe2008 brimstonebarb silverscarlet sarahlewis22, casperannabella, atkins9011, betty_bob11009, tutu_fairychick, outrun0114, everitt*, kiviery, 20chill, xxxxsparklesxxxx, 1cashio, loveaprl, dor2009.10, bobjubb1211, kerry_tin, choccy0113 , brilliant.britain, asamira33, billylovesmilly, babs7709, filthyford, ykdwju, mobilegirl2009, weiqingling86, lovelyvivi77, go4it_007, voyagers.ocean, glitzy-chick-2009, mikiyu0905, tash11two, siddhartalizcano, 130332372552, whiskyian0, choccy2065, 0384jeff, 130331642611 mycastle6899 relentless_spender smartangel09 esave8889 redsi79 gary-112 marsreg09 johnappiah123 prosperojr 1iceberg 2000duel vegas2066 polawola_69 *tiggertastic* xxmillmoxx summer_gl_uk clairehewitt718850 mattyboi99 61singh ljamek 8swiss paphabob50 xxz94109 smitho40 court0113 fashion-evil fluffyblueferret xx-glitterbaby-xx cindywong80 hexmeshman jadejade666 ezzbomb luxurycollectionuk sharonp8978 martyt1978 gbondfam honey-pearl xxblueyxx rachyn20 emmadove18 j-roc0114 missnikkinakkinoo stace-n-shaw fashionsyana dazume erica_ca_ca_69 cooltanningtommy csmaple020 weeesky pp*2008 1doubledutch the_best_offer1 abiandjake little_star121 steven_2k8 13bose lovejewellery596 sazzle411 gunn2066 nlsteeples25 ukwawa lilly1294 madforit.0789 brook7199 vaughnee25 abraham7793 missjohal22 find.sell 21jayne21 1vista0207 davidjaby7 modelcitizen21 uk-best-jewelry marketfighter kim4k janeo12345678910 halton_1 leaway13 annabell7343 goldenmags48 aminta4u4ever likle82 stateofdelight yaojing820118-123 chicleeds atonderski luckyjoe0161 marvelous_9999 munchies888 2visa2 newcastle-supplements 299louiseg tinyponypal shellssuperpants ring_88729_ring lemonp8 dreamvoyar dizzle2507 yuki_leung138 0197dippydonna adinjohnson dalegail66 0113vegas vince83121 mr123_2008 ronnymagic iamalouboutinlover 99redballoons_2009 myminibasorb new.britain oceanorb bigdavid19830329 bigjenny0705 ever.times mytopuptanning chris80p76 ellahaddinton honey_pearl becca_d4 toni21.078 misslola1000 carlosashford jaylav isaiahbenton567 pay4lessapple sesbroadway 0191todd let_us_rock rpond123 ninasim80 keepinnocent galaxyhq ufoltd bankchen500 o.s.a.s jewellery4uu  forbeloved elizabethhepburn joele9862 ilove_designers alexisjacobson samispo0n samanthacamp anthonymccubbin2009 funnyspecialgirl 4644lauren 1981emmaw evian_234 princesslxy1115 nicholasredfern013 smithier00 milan_ponti wonderfulgirl2013 aylapassy tinatina7124 channel*foo bellamanamou777 timesphotographicstudio edwardflowers8 milleniumtanning jacobcadbury matthewdaniels569 alexcciccicci newbirth_234 tianlihuahua doris04.2009 superbeauty_2009 emily620-2009-2009-1983 vickymore2010 gemskas josephseymour227 sneaker-world User Avatar      Member ID designer-fairy Default User image      Member ID shop_desire bunny_lin_shop kellywebster83 mb120_0 sultanofaskern10 User Avatar      Member ID katieglamourousgal xxsofinaxx keljordi pepslisa1 bbfashion69 vickyn75 same-day-dispatch 1989luiza1989 gilly.55 pclement18449 paulacai jo-babe m.j.atkins gaynor73gaynor littlemissvalentina pinkprincess25 danielesthel erinhuang1 supermantastic stevier16v

Fake sellers on eBay Australia:
tommo4949 suparich71, andrewjackson_c, qiezi77 ak-superstore dorophyxd ansongnyc new-2-york typhoon-888 sophiashen23

Fake sellers on eBay US:
gotmunchies startup791 katya_w2002 citymooon kenjiang_08 ignoretheelephantintheroom pinkladyys light_my_fire_905, jimmy626jimmy, vwaccors, polar_pets, 909george909 pigletm520 *etoile-ciel* veryrayray gameyours-2009 dgdsq vwjz bekawaii star20_09 popsyzhe tony_918 kowen102470 chase_elma narcisseblanche2 hiqoo2009 firelight_soul pinkkamel_ladydelish rockartemis gracesupermodel

Fake sellers on eBay Canada:
(I think Canada may have the same fake sellers as U.S...)

•    If they don’t say it’s authentic, it’s probably not. DO NOT fall for the excuse “I received it as a gift so I don’t know”. Sometimes this excuse is genuine, but they must have pretty generous friends to give them a $500 necklace!

•    Similarly, DO NOT buy anything described as “replica”, “Vivienne Westwood style”, “designer inspired”, “Vivienne Westwood inspired”. Just another sneaky way of saying FAKE.

•    Avoid sellers with very poor English, or should I say Engrish. Most fakes (of anything) come from Asia, particularly China. For example, avoid a description written like this: (no, I didn’t just make this up):
"item I am a businessmen in Beijing…Now the craft men use the ancient technics to creat beautiful and wonder craft arts such as jade,jewelry and silver carving and stone artifacts,All of them are the symbol of happy ness and lucky,so they are worth to collect!...From the photoes, you can see it is very well. With the perfect style,nice design, wonderful workmanship, it is really a rare artwork and worth collecting!...Look at the pictures you can see the shape is very well; So wonderful item…I have other wonderful item on my ebay . please view my other item!"

•    The #1 clue: If the starting price is VERY low, especially if it’s a Buy It Now. VW pieces will cost you AT LEAST $80AUD, 40GBP, etc. And that would be for just a tiny pair of earrings! Also avoid Buy It Now, unless the price is very high.

•    #2 clue: As sellers that sell fakes often get them from a “supplier”, who also supplies them with a generic description. Avoid an auction that has minimal information. Ask lots of questions!

•    These are often the sort of auctions that say the piece is 100% NEW!!! Yes … but it’s not 100% REAL is it?

•    Be wary if the item is NEW because this may mean it comes from a seller of fakes, OR a buyer who accidentally bought a fake and is now trying to re-sell it.

•    Avoid sellers who say they will only refund if the item is not exactly as described. If they never said it was authentic in the first place they won’t take responsibility when you get angry. Also be suspicious if they only accept Paypal.

•    Sellers of fakes often offer a 100% money back guarentee, because the item is so worthless they can afford to give a full refund, and to protect from bad feedback

Be very suspicious if they say they bought the item off eBay, especially if they've never worn it.

•    Don’t buy from a seller who will ONLY provide images taken from the VW website! Even if they have their username over the photo, doesn’t mean it’s the actual item. It is VERY easy to put a watermark on an image.

•    If the seller doesn't know the real name of the item, eg: "saturn necklace" "orbit earrings" "globe pendant" etc etc ...

•    Just because they say it’s “auth” or “real” doesn’t mean it’s AUTHENTIC. For some reason fake sellers use those two words but don’t often use the word authentic, although they all have pretty much the same meaning. EVEN IF THEY SAY IT'S AUTHENTIC DOESN'T MEAN IT IS! Some sellers have no idea or are just plain lying. You have to use your judgment and the tips above too!

•    Just because it has a tag on it with "Vivienne Westwood" or a symbol on the back (eg of a broach) doesn't mean it's authentic

I am pretty sure that any jewellery (for example, earrings) that come sealed in a small plastic bag are fake ... I dought that VW, as a high-end designer would package her designs in cheap plastic.

•    Obviously, also if the item itself just looks really dodgy and fake. There aren’t many that are this obvious though. Especially if you are buying a ring, ask the seller if it has the VW hallmark on it (if it’s silver, not sure if the gold would be hallmarked as I don’t think it’s real gold). The hallmark should look something like “VW 925”. Lots of the orb pendants and earrings are very round, when in fact the ring of the orb is meant to be quite oval.

Luckily, some sellers of fakes are honest (or stupid?) enough to show a photo of the actual item and you can tell by the box or bag that it is fake. A fake VW logo is quite simple and round, kind of like Comic Sans MS. I have seen fake boxes and bags where the logo is very large in comparison to the size of the bag. Sometimes sellers try to cover up the logo with the jewellery! If you can't see it, ask for a photo. See these photos below taken from auctions on eBay UK and AU:

The box is yellowish when it should be grey, the logo is rounded and slanty.

Orb is completely the wrong shape, far too rounded. Looks like it was designed by a 5 year old.

The writing on the bag is yellow, item is placed ontop of the writing to hide it ...

These are not a real VW design! (Also, note the Chinese in the background...)

The logo on the box is too large, the foam is black and poor quality

The logo on the box is too large, logo on the bag is too small, many sellers of fakes use a picture of the VW logo in their listings

Boxes are grey with gold writing and not too shiny, they have a slight texture, bags are grey with gold writing also note the shape of them, care booklet included, grey foam protects jewellery in boxes.
I think there are a FEW exceptions to this - I have seen some limited edition jewellery pouches, and obviously not all foam in the boxed will be the same depending on what is in there. There are ring boxes that are hard shiny plastic, but I haven't seen any fakes of these yet, it seems just these square boxes are copied.

To see them larger and less pixelated type the link below into your browser :)
(no www) tinypic dot com forward slash a forward slash u5ck forward slash 3

If you have accidentally bought a fake Vivienne Westwood, REPORT IT. DO NOT leave them positive feedback! And for god's sake don't resell it, I know you're angry but you're as bad as the seller if you do that. Open a dispute against the seller for selling you fake goods and leave them NEGATIVE feedback, so that other buyers don’t make your mistake and spend their hard-earned money on a piece of plastic that will break after a few days.

You are welcome to email me regarding any items you are unsure about, although if you have doubts about an item after reading this guide I would suggest not bidding.
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