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Your vuvuzela has arrived, and it may -- or may not -- have come with a slip of paper telling you to:

"Simply put your lips inside the mouthpiece and almost make a ‘farting’ sound. Relax your cheeks and let your lips vibrate inside the mouth piece. As soon as you get that trumpeting sound, try blowing harder and harder until you reach a ridiculously loud boogying blast!"

It's not quite as simple as this. For best results, you need to play it as you would a bugle. Here's how:

1. Pucker or purse your lips, leaving a small space between upper and lower lips.

2. Press your lips to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is quite large, and your pursed lips should fit into it. It should be an easy fit with no pressure on your lips. The key thing is to keep your lips pursed at all times, without them starting to 'tingle'.

3. Pull your tongue back from your lips. 

4. With your lips still pursed, gently blow into the mouthpiece. You don't need a lot of air, or a sudden blast. Just blow evenly and gently until you hear a note.

5. To make louder notes, blow harder, allowing more air into the mouthpiece. 

6. For high notes, keep your lips tight.

7. For low notes, relax your lips a little.

8. For short staccato notes, use your tongue like a stopper, blocking then opening the gap in your lips (to regulate air flow through the mouthpiece).

The rest is up to you!

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