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How to measure so plus size ladies, womens, clothes will fit and look great?


While browsing ladies plus size clothing on ebay I noticed that there isn`t

really much of choice. So I Created a one stop shop to give you that

choice. We sell Ladies Plus size fashions from 14 to 32 in the latest catwalk styles.

Ebay seems a great resource for finding that hard to locate size but it is also difficult to know if things will

fit and if they will suit.

So here is a guide to help you to ensure that perfect fit.

How to measure tips

*Measure over underwear
*Make no extra allowances
*Don't pull the tape too tight
*Get someone else to measure you if possible
*Stand flat on the floor in bare feet
*Remember to allow for any heel height

Where to measure:

Coat/Jacket length: From the nape of the neck(where the collar seam would be)in a straight line to the hem

Dress length: From the point where the back of the neck and the shoulder meet straight down to the hem

Bust: Around the fullest part of the bust keeping the tape straight accross the back

Waist: Around the narrowest part of the waist, keeping the tape close to the body

Hip: Around the fullest part of the hip, about 8" or 20cm below the waist

Skirt length: From the waist to the hem along the centre of the back

Inside leg: From the top  of the inside leg to the length desired

Outside leg:From waist to ankle along the outside of the leg

Now if you would  like a guide of  exact plus sizes here is a list :

Size UK14 35"-37" Chest 39"-40" Hips 29"-31" Waist
Size UK16 37"-38" Chest 40"-41" Hips 31"-32" Waist
Size UK18 39"-40" Chest 41"-42" Hips 33"-34" Waist
Size UK20 40"-42" Chest 43"-44" Hips 35"-37" Waist
Size UK22 42"-44" Chest 44"-46" Hips 37"-39" Waist
Size UK24 45"-47" Chest 46"-48" Hips 39"-42" Waist
Size UK26 47"-49" Chest 48"-50" Hips 42"-44" Waist
Size UK28 50"-52" Chest 50"-52" Hips 44"-47" Waist
Size UK30 52"-54" Chest 52"-54" Hips 47"-50" Waist
Size UK32 54"-56" Chest 55"-57" Hips 50"-52" Waist

Hope this helps you to feel confident that your purchases will be the

perfect fit.

Great places to look for size 14-32 clothes are;   They Sell Ladies Plus Size Fashions In Sizes 14-32

Or you could try our Ebay store via the link below.

New in stock is a range of plus size fancy dress costumes.

Hope this helps.

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