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Hi my name is stewyshaw and I have had years ogf experience buying and selling RAPALA lures. I will only sell RAPALA and STORM lures [made by the same company] as I consider them to be the best quality lures available.

HOWEVER I have noticed recently several sellers selling lures which thay claim are genuine RAPALA lures but they are in fact cheap imitations.

You can spot these fakes by

1 They come in a plastic box  [genuine rapalas always come in a cardboard box with a plastic lid]

2 These lures do not have "RAPALA" stamped on them [genuine lures have it stamped on the body or diving lip].

3 The colours of these fakes are usually gaudy and glittery and are given as numbers eg colour No32 [ genuine rapalas give the actual colour eg firetiger or silver shown as a code on the box eg  F-9 S means the lure is a floating, 9cm, silver lure].

4 Fake lures have no names on the box[genuine rapalas have descriptive names eg floating minnow ,or super shad, or jointed minnow etc]

5 The fake lures have no description of the lure on the box [genuine rapala lures have the weight, swimming depth   and length of the lure.

6 The fake lures often have the two treble hooks tied together with an elastic band [genuine rapalas do not]

7 The hooks are weak and poorly made [genuine RAPALA hooks are super strong and needle sharp]

8 If you are unsure contact the buyer and ask him to confirm that these ARE genuine RAPALA lures if they appears vague eg saying "I bought them in good faith " or "As far as I know they are" just WALK AWAY

9 These fake lures are often sold cheaply in lots of between 5 and 100 with a vague description and either a cheap starting price or a bargain buy it now price. REMEMBER IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE , IT PROBABLY IS!!!

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