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I`m glad you came round to have a look at my guide

I would like to share with you my view regarding the new ebay policy where sellers can no longer leave HONEST feedback ( I mean negative feedback )

Since then it is nearly impossible to tell apart a GOOD BUYER from a BAD BUYER

Even if a buyer is a scamming artist with no intensions to pay for the items he/she won being rude/nasty/abusive sending threatening emails etc sellers can do nothing ! they cannot leave negative feedback to warn other sellers ! Therefore now buyers who don`t sell on ebay , only buy but don`t pay for any of the goods can walk away with 100% feedback and appear as perfect buyers ! Insane !

When I used to see a bid on my items from a buyer with negative feedbacks regarding non payment I cancelled the bid(s) immediately and added the buyer to my blocking list and simply avoid all the drama whcih would normally follow   , but now I`m unable to tell apart a good, honest buyers from a scamming mugs and time wasters !It is highly importand on high value items such as mobile phones, digital cameras etc , you can never tell if the buyer have any intension to pay afterwards by  looking at his feedback !

Since now I only accept bids from buyers with 10 positive feedback at least ! But I`m still unsure who I`m dealing with ! You could used to judge the buyers from theirs feedback but not anymore ! It`s more like a guessing game now ! You might be just lucky to get a decent , honest ebayer bidding on your items but what if you are unlucky ?


Get real ebay !All your ideas are wrong !

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