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My teeth were a horrible yellow/ brown colour from over twenty years of smoking cigerettes and I was so ashamed of my smile that I even avoided social gatherings or just meeting people in general. When I realized I was becoming a recluse because of what I thought people would think of me, I decided change was on the cards. I asked my dentist if there was anything I could do to whiten my teeth. He flashed his pearly whites at me and said 'Ofcourse'. Then he proceded to show me the procedure he would use on me to bleach my teeth. I was really interested in all he has to say and hung on his every word till he told me the price. Only £450.00.

It was like an unexpected punch to the head. I told him I'd think on it and left feeling very disheartened. After getting home I decided to research Teeth Whiteing online and really got into all the companies that were offereing teeth whiteing really cheap, compared to my dentist. There were a multitude offering very high bleaching content at a very cheap rate indeed.

However, as I was not totally sold with the online stuff, because I had no guarantee, or come back if it didnt work. So I went to my local Pharmacy (John Bell & Croyden) and saw among other products a White Radiance Teeth Whitening Kit at £95.00 it had twenty treatments that I could do in the comfort of my own armchair. I weighed it up against the others on the shelf and it won hands down. Even though it was the most expensive on the shelf it had a high bleach content and was the only one with guaranteed results.

Not only that it was the simple three step guide that finally sold me. Plain simple English explaind that in three steps I would well on my way to whitening my teeth. It had everything I needed in one box and I was sold.

After getting home I followed the instructions in the booklet and within 5 minutes had made my dental trays, and was ready. (Which, may I add, would have taken two seatings at the dentist and would have meant sitting there with a load of gunk in my mouth.) I  put the required amount into the trays, and sat watching the footie.

After 90 mins plus the half time break. I decided I had enough and taking out the trays washed them and cleaned my teeth. Looking in the mirror I smiled and was amazed at the results after such a short period. I still had 18 treatments left in the box and for the first time felt relieved that I had done something right. Not only that I had sat through a whole game of football without smoking a single cigerette, which to me is a bonus.

After using just half the gel provided, my teeth are whiter than they have ever been, so I'll be storing it as instructed , until I need to clean them again.




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