HTC Wizard, XDA Mini S, MDA Vario

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In some ways this is a fantastic piece of kit, for example I know of no other phone which offers WiFi connectivity, Navigation, (With external GPS) PDA, Office apps, MP3/Video player, a useable camera, Internet browsing (Real HTML, that is, not WAP) all in one compact unit. Even the latest Blackberry can't match this kind of comprehensive functionality. Add the fact that this is a real computer -not just a phone on steroids- and that you can download a fair amount of useful, mostly free, software for it. Where it does disappoint is in the area of ergonomics, the user interface is far from logical or easy to use. You get the feeling that with just a bit more time spent on ergonomics this could have been a must-have phone. In other respects would agree with comments of the previous reviewer foreignbodi, so no need to repeat. Key annoyances are: The lack of a decent phone signal-meter, so when out in the sticks you have no way of finding a 'good spot' to make a call. Difficulty closing programs- they do not close when X is clicked, instead accumulating until all memory has been used. The only way you can close them is from deep in the Settings menu. The case-back being rounded, which makes the slide-out keyboard unusable due to the case rocking uncontrollably. A really silly oversight, that. That the time and date are all-too easily lost, especially when changing battery, or following a crash/reset. What is really inexcusable here is that the unit gives no indication whatsoever that the time HAS been lost, instead continuing to create trash appointments, miss alarms, etc. To summarise: If you need Email/Internet and *Wireless* access in a pocketable unit, this phone is in a class of its own. But, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time finding your way around it, and even then don't use it within earshot of anyone averse to the odd bout of swearing.
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