Hacked / Fake sized Mp4 Players

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Its Christmas 2006 and you are thinking what to buy for your loved ones, and what better to buy than something electrical and new...you could buy an Mp3 player, but they are old hat now, however you could buy one of the new Mp4 Players which not only displays sound, but movies and pictures too!! Sounds great doesnt it...and you wouldnt be wrong. They are an amazing present, however a word of warning to you...

On ebay hundreds of these are being sold every day, some are great, however some are not all that they seem. Hacked Mp4 players are sold on ebay all the time and whats worse getting positive feedback as people do not realise what these are.

Hacked (or sometimes refered to as fake) Mp4 players are basically a scam. They are sold as 4Gb players, but sometimes they only hold as much as 1Gb or less really. A tell tale sign is if the instructions say NOT to format the disc, this is because it shows the true size of the player.

A common problem is with the lookalike ipod nano (not the real ipods, they are fine) I bought one of these from Hong Kong and recieved 2Gb not 4Gb and no way to resolve this and huge disappointment. However I did only pay £30.00, so at this even a 2Gb one is good I suppose.

If you buy one my advise is to look at the samsung processor number and google it to make sure what you have recieved is the real thing that you paid for, and if there is a problem query it.

Also DO NOT leave feedback until you have checked this, if you do you have next to no way of getting your money back.

AND MOST OF ALL DO NOT PAY BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN PAYPAL. Its the safest and securest way and you can claim your money back through it even if your seller is a pain.

On a side note, those saying this guide is not helpful are probably those selling hacked Mp4 players!

Having said all this, most Mp4 players sold on ebay do not have this problem and so ebay is a great place to shop for Chrismas.

But please do your research and check your sellers feedback thoughrouly, this way you will have no problems or disappointments what so ever.

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