Hair Colouring Cap Buying Guide

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Hair Colouring Cap Buying Guide

Hair colouring is the process of applying chemically processed dyes to change the colour of the hair. A hair colouring cap is used to highlight select areas of the hair, and it prevents unintended areas from receiving the colourant. These caps are invaluable tools and are used by professionals in salons across the world.

It is also possible to use these tools at home and this can greatly reduce the cost of highlighting. It is important that prospective users are fully aware of the types of colourant and the process involved before using the cap to apply a dye.

Searching for hair colouring caps on eBay (Health & Beauty) is a wise move as the site has a large selection often at more affordable prices than those found in salons or hair specialist stores. The following guide shall examine the important details all buyers should be aware of, and how to find a cap in eBay.


Types of Colourant

Hair colourants are temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. However, temporary colourants do not require the use of cap as they can be easily washed out. The various types of colourants are as follows:

Types of Colourant


Semi-Permanent Colourants

Semi-permanent colourants are used as toners to either deepen a hair’s natural colour or to add a layer of different colour, e.g. red streaks on brown hair. Semi-permanent colourants work by partially penetrating the hair follicle and does less damage to the strand when compared to permanent dyes. They usually last between four to five weeks, and will naturally wash out after this time. Professionals use semi-permanent colourants as toners in conjunction with permanent dyes. This helps to create a gentle difference between the areas highlighted and the strands that have been left. Although it is not necessary to use a cap if only apply a semi-permanent dye, doing so will create a more defined variation in the hair and can help the hair appear more even.

Permanent Colourants

Permanent colourants completely penetrate the hair follicle and use bleach and ammonia to trap the natural colour molecules, leaving only the new colour to be seen. It is impossible to wash permanent colourants out and instead the hair must be cut or grown out. Because of the strong synthetic chemicals used in creating these products, hair can become dry and damaged after dying. All buyers should search for appropriate shampoos and conditioners that will help restore the hair to its natural strength. Permanent colourants are used in highlighting.


Highlighting is the process of using a colourant or hair lightener to change the colour of hair strands. It is one of the most popular techniques used in hairdressing and is a staple practice in hair salons around the world. There are a number of different techniques to do this, including foil highlighting and hair painting. Using a hair colouring cap for either of these is a good idea, as it will help keep the strands separate and make the overall process much simpler.



Foil Highlighting

This technique involves wrapping the selected strands of hair in small sheets of foil. The foil is used as it protects the hair from heat and dirt while the colourant is at work. The length of time that the hair is kept in the foil will determine how light it is, with longer periods of processing resulting in lighter strands of hair. Using a hair colourant cap with foil for highlighting is the standard procedure in most hair salons, and this is the best way to keep the highlighted hair separated from the rest of the head. Using foil helps to isolate select strands making it the ideal way to precision highlight. Choosing this procedure at a salon can be very expensive, but it is possible to do at home. However, if considering applying foil highlighting at home get a friend to help and make sure that the correct type of foil is purchased. Standard household tinfoil is not suitable, so look for some made specifically for highlighting.

Hair Painting

Hair painting, also known as the bayalage technique, is less precise than foil highlighting and simply requires the colourant or lightener to be directly brushed onto the hair. The problem with this technique is that it can lead to large uneven patches of colour, making the hair seem messy and rough. An easy way to avoid this happening is to use a hair colouring cap. If a buyer feels that the strands coming through the cap are too thin then they can simply widen the holes. This will allow for more hair to come through and will speed up the process. Hair painting can lead to a more naturalistic looking colour.


Lowlighting is a similar process to highlighting, but instead of brightening the hair it makes it at least two shades darker. Lowlights are often used with highlights to create a more defined contrast between the different areas of hair. Using the foil technique to apply lowlights is advised, as this type of colourant requires accurate application.

Hair Colouring Caps

Hair colouring caps are made from a flexible and durable soft silicone. The cap completely covers the head protecting the hair from the dye. These caps are flexible and will fit any head regardless of the style and amount of hair they are covering. Small thin holes cover the cap, and the strands that are to be highlighted are pulled through these holes separating it from the rest of the hair. Thin rounded metal or plastic hooks are used to pull the hair through the holes and usually are supplied with the hat. Hair caps can be used with other techniques, but work just as well if used on their own.

  • Hair colouring caps are an inexpensive way to highlight hair, especially when compared to costs of foil.
  • Using a cap is also a lot quicker than the other techniques.
  • The caps tend to be manufactured from a high performance silicone, meaning that can be reused over and over. This gives them a very long lifespan.
  • The safest and easiest way to apply highlights at home.
  • Not suitable for very curly hair, as it will be difficult to pull the strands through the holes.

Using the Cap

Take the following steps to successfully and safely use the cap to highlight or colour the hair.

  • Wash the hair first with shampoo but avoid adding a conditioner. Dry the hair with a towel and avoid using anything that will apply heat to it. Once the hair has dried the cap can be used.
  • Pull the hat down over the head and make sure it is firm and fitting. Also make sure that it completely covers the head from the top of the neck down over the forehead.
  • Use the metal or plastic hooks to gently pull strands of hair through the holes. Remember to only pull strands from the area that will be highlighted.
  • Apply the colourant evenly across the hair.
  • The length of time that the colourant should be left in will depend on the desired lightness. The standard is around twenty minutes. Rinse the colourant from the hair.
  • Leave the hair to dry and after an hour or two apply some conditioner to help the strands repair themselves.

Searching for Hair Colouring Caps on eBay

  • Head to and click on the Shop By Categories tab followed by the See All Categories link. This will load the Categories page.
  • Scroll down to the Health & Beauty heading.
  • Click on the Hair Care & Styling Tools link.
  • Click on the Hair Colourants link in the Categories table.
  • Type Hair Colouring Cap into the search bar and press enter.

Listings Page

  • The listings page contains all the hair colouring caps for sale on the site. To change the number of cap listings shown per page simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the desired amount.
  • It is advised that buyers only search for new caps, as used caps may be faulty or worn.

Item Page

  • This page will contain details about the cap, as well as information about the current bid, postage costs, location and the seller’s history.
  • The Description box often contains further information about the cap, so remember to always check this box.
  • Use the Ask A Question feature to request additional photographs.
  • Review the seller’s previous transactions with other eBay users to check if the cap will be as described and sent on time. Buyers should only deal with sellers who have a high percentage of positive feedback.
  • Contact the Resolution Centre for any problems with transactions, and Customer Support for help using the site.


Hair colouring caps are useful tools that can help with a highlighting or lowlighting process. The caps are inexpensive, easy to use and don’t require additional help to work properly. They also work a lot faster than foil, and are a lot safer. Hair colouring caps are used in salons around the world, and are one of the most popular ways to colour hair. Buyers can greatly benefit from using these caps to highlight their hair.

eBay is a great place to search for any type of hair tool, and the site has a large variety of items often at prices lower than those found on other sites or in hair specialist stores. Buyers searching for hair colouring caps should always look for new caps, as used ones may be damaged.

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