Hair Extension Aftercare

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To maintain your extensions in the best possible condition, it is important that you follow the advised procedures. Shampooing and conditioning your hair at least once a week with the recommended products and advice

1. When washing your hair, always use a shower hose. Do not turn your head upside down as this may cause tangling.

2. Apply clarifying shampoo or any shampoo containing no oils or conditioner and massage the scalp but not the extensions working downwards through to the ends. Rinse and repeat.

3. Apply conditioner avoiding contact with the bonds. Rinse. Pat hair down with a towel to remove excess water - Do not wrap hair in a towel.

4. Apply products such as serum or mouse, etc., again, avoiding contact with the bonds. Brush through hair using a bristle brush, or wide tooth combe avoiding bonds.

5. Dry hair off with a blow-dryer making sure bonds are thoroughly dry and hard. Do not put excessive heat directly on to the bonds as this may soften and loosen them. Use cool heat at all times.

6. Finish off styling hair as desired
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