Hair Loss - The Causes, and Natural Cures?

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Hair loss affects men and women all over the world, not only affecting their appearance but also damaging their self confidence! This is no good, especially in a world we live in, where there are more important things to be looked towards and enjoy - so what really causes hair loss you say?

The video below explains a general outline of the causes of hair loss, and the natural cures of thickening hair on your scalp - for men and women (applies to everyone). 

Now that you know the reasons for hair to fall, you can actually do something about it - for the link on the article, you would need to reopen the youtube video and look at the details section by clicking here: 

he about section will have a link to an article on Humancure, with details on the top 10 methods of stopping hair from falling and possibly regrowing hair thicker - this requires work, rather than spending so much money on useless products or even implants (at least its not my cup of tea, hehe). 

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Other reasons for hair falling which are out of the scope of this post are as follows: 

Trauma: This is related to extreme stress but usually on victims of crime. This type of hair loss can be easily corrected by actually healing the victim emotionally and providing a healthy environment for them to release their emotions; ideally exercise and good nutrition will help hugely. 

Radiation: If you had radiation treatments, then you can still follow the methods for re-growing hair and keeping a healthy set of hair. But this would require a lot of work, and a focus on your general health and well-being will greatly help, as once you are finished with radiation treatment, you can regrow your hair (don't believe what the doctors tell you) - just have the right attitude towards life and health and healing, you will find that very little can stop you from reaching your health goals as well as improving your appearance in the way you want it. 
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