Hair conditioners

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Hair conditioners

Velvet effect without making hair greasy and heavy.

No woman should not use hair conditioner. This ritual helps restore your hair and also to remove from the scalp of dead skin cells.

Therefore the correct choice of conditioner is extremely important for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

Usually all conditioners are divided into several categories, depending on what hair they are intended: for normal, dry, oily, mixed or painted.

How to choose the right hair conditioner?

There are several varieties of hair conditioners. Most common is the balsam, which is recommended to be used every time after washing of the head (the hair is rubbed and washed away after 2 minutes). Conditioner covers her hair with positively charged particles from the conditioning agent. This protective layer protects the hair from tangling and stretching too wet when it is most vulnerable. Most effectively once a month for all types of hair once a week for dry or damaged hair conditioner be applied on cleansed, damp hair, to let stand 5-10 minutes, then thoroughly washed off with warm water. Conditioners that do not wash.

They protect your hair from the adverse effects of sun, chlorinated water, but also help to preserve the intensity of color in dyed hair. Using this conditioner should first wash your head with shampoo, then apply a conditioner that is rinsed, it has gone, to dry hair with a towel and rub the entire surface of a protective balm which allow to dry completely. This will greatly facilitate further styling hair.

There is another way. If you are 30 free minutes, you can wash your head with shampoo to dry hair, then rub it in natural balsam prepared to put a cap bathroom and after a 10-something minutes to rinse hair.

Eggs are gorgeous hair conditioner, they compensate for the lack of proteins strengthen the hair, giving it soft and obedience, are rich in lecithin. Rub into the scalp one or two egg yolks, depending on the length of your hair and remain so until it is completely dry, then wash the head with shampoo. After this procedure, your hair will be transformed. This conditioner can apply it once a month.

Healthy appearance, softness and elasticity of hair


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