Half-Life 2. Consequences

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We've all heard of it, and most freak.. I mean gamers, yeah.. gamers.. have played it before. Any VALVe fanboy (or girl) should know that the original Half-Life was a huge success. Based around Doom and ID Software, Gabe Newell set out and created Half-Life.

Now, Half-Life 2. You fight your way through a European city named "City 17" - the sky is black, the metropolitan are psychotic, and you get to play alongside a girl.. you can't get much crazier - but it was a huge hit.

Your aim is to take down "The Citadel" - a huge tower the metropolitan (which are now named "combine") created. Of course, you calling yourself a gamer will only truly be in effect if you sat in front of your computer not moving at all, bar your arms, hands and fingers. Yes, not even facial expressions. THEN you can call yourself a gamer.

So, back onto the game. Fighting your way through a corrupt city SOUNDS easy, I mean - a few metro guys here and there, a few random freaks.. well you are wrong. Really, you fight over 1000 metro guys throughout this game. Which doesn't sound hard - but it is. Oh, and did I mention zombies? Yeah, lots of zombies that scream "help me" backwards. Nice fact if you didn't know it.

Anyway, here is a brief list of characters :

The Combine / Metropolitan / Elite > These are the really annoying people who won't stop trying to kill you.
Gordon Freeman > You. Well, not "you" but you know what I mean. Don't you?
The G-Man > Rumour has it that this is Gordon in the future. Hence "G-Man", Gordon Man, Gordan Freeman > all very complicated... if you are a three year old.
Alyx Vance > the hot chick you play along with. Your old administrator's daughter.
Eli Vance > Your old administrator at Black Mesa (Half-Life 1 fanboys RE-UNITE!)
Dr. Judith Mossman > Goodie and Baddie. She turns good at the end *omg spoiler*
Dog > Alyx's pet. Made out of machinery.
Dr. Breen > The main bad guy. He likes to kill people.. surprisingly. He has a beard.
Zombies / Headcrabs / Black Mesa Headcraps > Annoying little (or big and fast, or both) creatures that will not leave you alone until you give them your lunch money.. I mean, kill them. Not that you have lunch money.
Antlions / Guards > Just like the zombies, except the Antlions turn to your side. The guard is just one HUGE antlion that thinks you are a haribo sweet.
Striders > Annoying three-legged machines that are about 4000000x the height of you. They too like target practise.

Anyway, the plot is easy - kill the breen man. Yes, I said breen man. Fight your way through a city filled with zombies, police (I still haven't figured out which is worse).



I nearly had you there, didn't I? Anyway, Breen tries to teleport into another dimension but fails because you manage to kill him. Somehow you survive the blast, but it ends there. It continues into "Episode 1" which is released on June 1st 2006. I pre-ordered, did you? No? NO!?! You call yourself a fanboy!? leave now before i get even more angry.

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