Haliburton Spa Hot Tub

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Bought one of these from eBay just over a year ago now and can honestly say that its been an excellent investment and a great piece of equipment. Have put it in my conservatory - decided against the patio, brrrrrrrr! - and, with the doors wide open, my wife & I have enjoyed it all year round, even with a foot of snow on the ground!

Arriving in a package some 8' x 3' x 4', the nice man in the van helped me get it into my garage where I had time and space to check it out. From there I could carry the component parts into the nearby conservatory where it was put together by my wife and I in less than half a day. We had previously decorated the room and put a new vynil covering on the floor ready to build it in situ.

Have found it very reliable - except when a hair band got caught up in the pump, but after a quick call to the manufacturers I was able to take the unit apart and free-up the motor, all done in an hour. Once you've found the best way to remove the 4 retaining nuts & bolts its a fairly easy process. Better to have long fingers and skinny arms though!!!

Apart from that incident I've had no problems at all; it keeps a good temperature and, suprisingly, doesn't take a lot of electricity, as long as the lid is kept on when not in use.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend the Haliburton Spa to anyone looking for an economical hot tub. Happy to chat to anyone about my experiences with this item.

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