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Premier handmade marketplace to sell handmade crafts, supplies, vintage and art.
ArtFire is a marketplace for artisans by artisans- an interactive community, and a home for handmade goods which was designed to bring together buyers and sellers of artistic goods, fine art, vintage, designed items, supplies and media. It is a celebration of the unique individuality of artists and crafters around the globe. ArtFire is the complete e-commerce solution for all artists looking to sell their wares online.
Currently the cost for using ArtFire is £8.57/m or pay £19.84 for 3 months (quarterly).
You can get a 14 day free trial - No commission or listing fees.
Find everything but the ordinary.
Bonanza is an online marketplace selling items faster whilst having fun. Their specialty is helping you sell items that aren't shiny, new, and mass-produced. The principle of relentless simplicity drives their easy-to-use yet powerful online store experience.
In fact, in 2012 Bonanza was rated the "easiest to use" marketplace by over 8,000 Ecommerce Bytes sellers as part of their annual marketplace survey (beating Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy).
They have more than 20000 sellers, collaborating to bring you a vibrant collection of fashion, collectibles, decor, and more.
Posting items for sale is FREE (including pictures).
There is a fee however when your items sell.
Bonanza Pricing
All prices below are based on the Final Offer Value (FOV). This is the final price paid to you by a buyer, minus a shipping fee exemption of up to $10. See examples below if you have questions. Or, learn how to pay your fees.
Bonanza Fee Table
See above for a definition of FOV.

FOV under $500

3.5% of FOV for standard booths, or 5.9% of FOV for Managed Merchants

FOV greater than $500

$17.50 + 1.5% of the amount over $500

$0.50 cent minimum fee.
Pricing Examples

  • You sell a $2 item. Although $2 x 3.5% = $0.07 you still owe $0.50 as that is the minimum on any item.

  • A buyer buys three of your items for $109 after shipping. The total shipping for the offer is $14, of which $10 is deducted. So your FOV is $109-$10 = $99. Your fee is then 3.5% of $99, or $3.47

  • You sell one item for $750 with free shipping. You owe 3.5% on the first $500 ($17.50) and 1.5% on the remaining $250 ($3.75) for a total of $21.25

Buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art, craft and supplies at the UK's handmade marketplace.
Anything handmade and creative can be sold on Coriandr.
Simply fill out the registration page, add a postal address and at least one accepted payment method to your account - and you can start listing items!
At Coriandr, its 20 pence to list and a set 2.5% commission on each sale.
Craft is Art
CraftIsArt.com is a Marketplace to Buy and Sell Products Online. From handmade crafts to fine art, supplies and vintage.
Craft Is Art was started in 2009 as an online retail store selling mostly jewellery and fashion accessories from non-handmade manufacturers, it did not take long for them to realise that handmade products was better.
» Listing Fees:


Basic Sellers

Premium Sellers

Account Pricing


$7.99/mo or $79.99/yr!

Free Listings

25 (0.15¢ ea. addl.)


Premium Listings

$0.75 ea.


AIR (Automatic Item Renewal)

With Premium Listings


Sales Commission



Creative Stores
Your place to buy and sell creations.
Creative Stores has been set up to give artists and craftspeople the opportunity to sell their creations.
They believe there is an enormous amount of talented people/companies out there who would benefit from opening an online store at Creative.
Just like me, they love all things out of the ordinary and different.  Handmade can be much nicer than mass produced items with the added bonus of personal touch.
They do not charge any set up fees, listing fees or commission fees but there is a monthly fee (which you can cancel at anytime – giving one month’s notice.)
The cost is £3.50 for up to 25 items and £5.00 for an unlimited size store. 
If you wish to have an unlimited yearly store the price is £39.99... This is a saving of £20.00 for the year.
If you pay the yearly fee, they will not refund any part of this payment if you choose to close your store within the year you subscribed so please be sure that this is the option you require.
This allows you space to advertise all your items you wish to sell all over the world.  You can also put links to any other stores/websites you have. 

DaWanda is the marketplace for gifts and handmade products. Buy and sell unusual gift ideas, unique products and handmade things.
DaWanda has a wide audience of over 7 Million visitors and 100 Million page views per month find exactly the right target group for your products: over 1 Million members interested in handmade items and design.
Present your products in the right environment, highlighting their special handmade nature
Quick and easy shop opening with detailed sales statistics.
Support and assistance in marketing your shop and label.
Direct contact with buyers and other interested parties.
You can design your shop how you like.
Creating your account, profile and shop, and participating on the site and interaction with others is free.
There is a charge for when you sell an item - 5% commission on the sale price of the item sold.  No fees charged on the shipping costs.
If you add a surcharge to an order, e.g. because you have customised an item at the buyer's request, then we calculate a 5% commission in the same way for this surcharge. If you give a customer a discount on an order, the 5% commission is calculated on the basis of the original price of the order.
As such, the commission fee for a sale is not reduced if you provide a discount.
Sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies on Etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace. Share stories through millions of items from around the world.
Etsy was conceived by Rob Kalin in early 2005. A painter, carpenter, and photographer, Rob found there was no viable marketplace to exhibit and sell his creations online — other E-commerce sites having become too inundated with overstock electronics and broken appliances. Ever industrious, he, along with Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik, designed the site, wrote the code, assembled the servers, spliced the cables, and launched.
Joining and setting up a shop on Etsy is free.
Each item listing on Etsy costs $0.20 USD when the listing is published.
A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold.
Once a sale occurs, there is a 3.5% transaction fee on the item’s sale price. You have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that you will be charged prior to publishing a listing.
Buy beautiful handmade gifts and craft supplies from Britain's best designers and makers.
On Folksy, you can sell a majority of handmade items, original designs and crafts supplies.
It is free to join – no sign up costs.
Listing fees
*Basic Account (pay as you go):
15p + VAT per item in a listing, so if you have a listing for a vase which has a quantity of three items, you will pay 45p + VAT. The listing lasts for 120 days (4 months approximately), until the item is sold out or the quantity is reduced to zero.
*Folksy Plus account:
£45 per year (including VAT)
No listing fees
About the Folksy Plus Plan
Each listing lasts for 120 days (4 months approximately).
Commission Fees
We charge 6% + VAT sales commission on the selling price of all items, whether you are on the Basic Plan, or Folksy Plus.
Commission is not charged on postage.
All fees are charged in UK Pounds Sterling.
The Marketplace for makers.
Goodsmiths is the Marketplace for Makers. They make it easy to sell handmade goods, so you can spend more time doing what you love: making. They built an innovative website to empower your handmade business – and they are working tirelessly to spread the word. They believe makers are the future & they want to be part of yours.
Goodsmiths offer pay-as-you-go shops. You pay month-to-month for as long as you choose to keep a paid account. If you ever need to cancel, you can do so at any time.

iCraft Gifts
The place for handmade gifts!
If you love crafting and looking for a place to sell your handmade creations,
look no further than iCraft. They are re a community of artists and crafters with a unique marketplace focusing on handmade.
Pricing Policy for Creators
As a seller on iCraftGifts.com, you'll have your own "Creator Exhibit" online store. Your store has its own URL which lives at icraftgifts.com/username. There is a small, one-time registration fee, plus a low monthly fee.
There are no other hidden sales or hosting fees. Additionally, iCraftGifts.com does not charge any commission on your sales. Creators who make a sale on the site collect all the money for themselves.
*Registration Fee is $25.00 CAD
This is a small, non-refundable one-time fee each seller pays when setting up their "Creator Exhibit". It is required in order to verify the seller's identity, ensure credit card validity and to encourage honest transactions. This preventative measure will give buyers confidence that they are dealing with serious, honest sellers.
*Subscription Fee
Three available packages allow you to customize the amount of products your Creator Exhibit displays. You can add, delete or rotate your products any time you want. If your business is seasonal, you can put your subscription on hold and resume it at any time. The subscription fee is not refundable if you choose to un-list a product from your inventory.
1 to 50 Items (interchangeable) - $5.00 CAD/month.
Every additional item is $0.20 CAD/month.
No advertising will appear at the bottom of your Creator Exhibit page.
1 to 100 Items (interchangeable) - $10.00 CAD/month.
Every additional item is $0.20 CAD/month.
No advertising will appear at the bottom of your Creator Exhibit page.
Unlimited Items - $15.00 CAD/month.
No advertising will appear at the bottom of your Creator Exhibit page.
Make It, Sell It!

With MISI, you get free crafters Blog, a friendly forum for advice or just to have a chat and free.
You shop with MISI is free for life, however you have to pay 20p per listing which lasts for 12 months (unless your item sells first) and you pay 3% commission on sold items. You can accept payment direct to your PayPal account.
Free Marketplace for Everything Handmade.
It’s quick and easy to open a store with ShopHandmade. You sell as many products as you want and you keep all your money. They feature the newest and best products on the ShopHandmade home page and galleries.
ShopHandmade is 100% fee free! You can make a contribution as your financial support is what helps make ShopHandmade possible.
A community for artisans to build unique and wonderful shops, full of handmade goodness.
With Zibbet, there are different memberships, the basic is free. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at anytime. They offer world class customer service and support. You get your own personal subdomain and a great looking shop front to sells your wonderful work


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