Handmade Soap Wholesale UK - Organic and SLS Free

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Finding Handmade Soap Wholesale Suppliers in the UK is not an easy and simple task - so I have gathered a list of the top 10 wholesale suppliers for handmade soap in the UK, which also include Organic and SLS free soaps, which is a rare thing to find in ready-made soaps. 

The Number one rated handmade soap that seems to be swarming the markets is the Taoist Handmade soap which is sold via the website Taoist soap dot com - they are the only ones who produce this soap and sell it to the general public as well as wholesale suppliers wanting to buy bulk handmade soaps in the UK and worldwide. 

The Taoist Soap is an SLS free and Organic handmade soap that is one of the best soaps on the market of its kind - it is free of chemicals, that it is even edible, but most people will not test this theory because they would love the soap on their skin and face, and yes, on the scalp and hair too! 

This soap is also designed to work perfectly for the scalp and helps anyone suffering from mild to severe itchy scalp. The website that sells it also provides this wholesale at bulk prices usually at 40% off the original selling price, but you would need to contact the website for this as they do not like displaying wholesale information on their website (which is naturally fitting). I have seen these soaps in at least two of the luxury salons I regularly go to, one being the Hilton Hotels salon in London - and another being in the Harrods Salon in London (not sure if they have yet other branches yet). 

Its a good time to buy from them because they are still allowing smaller scaled wholesalers wanting to buy the soap enter the market with low minimum orders and fast shipping. 

The other wholesale suppliers for soaps include the Hallay Soap Production team, which produce wholesale soap; although they are known online for some time, they rarely reply to emails that easily. 

Another handmade soap wholesaler is the Kentucky Handmade Soap - and they also produce beautiful handmade soap which are perfect for the skin, various colors and smells - but these are just good for everyday use, rather than effective in terms of improving skin health and any skin conditions. 

There are many suppliers to Handmade soaps in the UK, but there are very few like the above (especially the Taoist handmade soap) because rarely do you find organic and SLS free soaps which are actually producing results for people all over the world (yes they supply worldwide as of 2014) including the US. 
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