Handmade Wedding Stationery.

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Is Handmade Stationery On It's Way Out?Definately Not!



It is currently rumoured that handmade stationery is on it's way out by other sellers who do sell wedding products but are not manufacturing their own stationery. As a Wedding Stationer who currently sells maufactured Wedding Stationery as well as my own designs I have found quite the contrary. My designs sell quicker than manufactured by large companies. In fact some of the companies have approached me to sell my designs!

Advantages of Handmade Designs.


By having Handmade designs the Bride as an individual can design and create her own, knowing that the design is as original as her. Perhaps she has an idea of a few designs and by discussing this with the person making them she can come to final decision as to what she really wants.

Making sure that designs are not thrown together it is important to look around and ask to see samples of peoples work. Some persons think they can make cards, using stick-ons etc and they can appear tacky and cheap. Get a good designer who can use Hot Foiling to give that professional look.


Beware of cheap packs offering 50, 100 invites for unbelievable prices. Remember card, embellishment, printing and envelopes cost money. Some sellers offer this for ridiculously low prices and as a retailer using wholesale suppliers they either work at a loss or else use inferior quality card.

Average price for a well made handmade card is from £1.20 upwards for a Wedding Invitation.

REMEMBER  ask for a sample first. Don't be caught out!

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