Handmade stationery v Printed stationery

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Having read a previous write up by an Ebayer that Handmade stationery is going out of fashion, I felt it was only right to put the situation right. I too am an agent for the same firm they refer too, and have been approached by their company with the possibility to design handmade stationery as this is the "in thing".

As I sell both handmade and printed stationery I can offer my brides a choice, unlike the previous writer who does not manufacture as well. In fact this company have just produced a book of handmade stationery to us retailers in the past few months and have not really introduced any new printed designs.

As alot of brides wish to make their own stationery, it has put alot of pressure on these retailers who only sell printed stationery. I sell both printed stationery, handmade stationery and also items required for making stationery. I believe in value for money and as alot of brides are now paying for their own weddings, they are working to tight budgets. For too long some of these stationers were having a ball, asking astronomical prices and people were paying them because it was the done thing.

What I do say to brides is that if you wish to make your own get a good template and make sure spelling is correct. Centre your design. Keep it simple yet effective. Nobody wants a plaster or a card with those nasty stick ons. You can design your own card without the need for peel offs. If you need help contact me for items including templates and I will put them on Ebay if they are not already there.

Quality card is essential as well as envelopes. We stock everything so just ask. I have a hot foiler as well so I can print your cards to your own design.


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