Handy cosmetics for looking healthy.

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Whiter teeth.

Use a yellow based lipstick to make teeth look whiter. Brick reds, coral and peachy pink. Avoid fuschia pinks and blue based reds, these will contrast with any creamy or yellow tones in your teeth and make them look less white.

Make eyes stand out.

To make the whites of your eyes look brighter and whiter use a small amount of Matt yellow eyeshadow just in the inner corner of your eyes. If you also have blue eyes this will make them look much bluer.


Invest in a couple of different colour connectors, these can either be in powder, liquid or cream form.
Use a slightly lilac one to conceal under eye circles. If you look carefully, under eye circles are actually slightly greenish. The lilac will counteract the green and help disguise without looking yellow.
Use a greenish one to cover blemishes, as above the green counteracts the redness to cover the pimple.
Finally a peachy coloured one to add a little colour to cheeks.

For different age groups.

If you have great young looking skin you can really get away with shimmery shiny colour that can really create impact. As we age and get fine lines that shimmer can sit in. Making seem more obvious, swap blushes and bronzers in particular to keep your skin looking younger.
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