Handy tip for spotting fake bags.

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Firstly,  reasons why you shouldn't buy fakes.

  1. First of all it is illegal
  2. Rumoured has it that fakes bags profit is use to fund alot of terrorist groups that has all the intention to terrorist Britain.  This is our resposibility and have a choice to not let this happen.
  3. Designer bags are hand made and materials use is of high quality.  Thats why they are expensive!!  Fakes aren't so they fall apart easier!!
  4. Fakes are easily spoted when you are walking about with it.  Don't embarrased yourself!!  Sorry to be harsh but do your research or you could end up emabarrasing someone and yourself  if you buy fakes accidentally.
  5. These designs are created by the designer who poured their heart out on these design and they should take credit for it.  It is only fair.

I could go on but i think you get the fundamental reasons why you shouldn't buy fakes.


Getting your hands on Designer bags.

First of all do your research on the bag that you like!!  Your reading this and on eBay so the chances are you are looking for a bargain designer bags!!  Alot of the bags on eBay are fakes so be very carefull but have to emphasis that not all are fakes. I've seen a few auctions and ended in a bargain price. 

Research. You don't want to end up with fakes with your hard earn cash.  Find out which collection it came from.  All designers have serial numbers.  It tells you about the style of the bag, where it was born and what date.  They do have pratical purpose and mainly only use by the designer houses. However a few devoted fans have manage to get this information.   

Some serial codes are rarer than others as this applies to alot of limited addition bags.  All designer change their dust bags, however some more than other.  These actions are to combat against counterfeits.  So don't be alarmed when there are different colour of dust bags.  The right dust bags for the right bag for the right year! The only way you will find this out is to do your research. 

Some people might ask why bother getting a real one when there are only some slight details.  Please look above. Its also an investment.  A lot of designer bags do go up in prices. One of my bags in particular cost £390 bag in 2005 would now be £465 or a limited edition worth £800.00 approximately now would be worth over £1000 plus because its a collectors item.

Its not all about the money, you get a peice of history. Made with love and abundance of care.  You are purchasing a peice of art!!  You can have your bags repaired if after a few years it does get a little worn out. Your money will last a long way.


Some fake dust bags are a great give away or the wrong tags and wrong care cards and contrallo cards for the wrong bags or some extra things that shouldn't be there.  This is the first thing you should look for as this is great way to find out and easily spotted.  Gucci dust bags in particular,  you will find alot of fakes with very bad quality copies.  Get a closer picture of the hardware, the shape of the bag and the serial number especially. 

When you know which bags you like compare the ebay pictures (or where ever) to an official picture from an official website.  You don't want to be comparing a possible fake bag to another fake bags.

Gucci bags are made in different parts of the world.  The same bags in made in Italy would be slightly different from bags made from Australia.  Some designs are only available to different countries to suit the consumer demand. 

When buying something on eBay make sure that you ask alot of questions.  If you are not satisfied with the answers or just not so sure don't buy it. 

Ebay is great for bargains but also a whole load of fake bags.  Remember designer bags are expensive for many reasons.  If its too cheap then ...  Having said that not all very expensive are real too.  I saw one fake bag selling for £1000.  Ebays not for the faint hearted.  Again research.

I will give you a link what to do if you acdidentally bought a fake bag.

to be continued...

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