Hanging baskets

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Going on holiday?   Keep your hanging baskets going for weeks by lifting them from their brackets & place them on a plastic bucket (99pence) from any of the popular stores.  The bucket should be filled with water to JUST touching the base of the basket. The roots will search for the water & your hanging basket will be alive & flowering when you return. I also have a recirculating small stream garden feature, I place some hanging baskets on the stream bank, again just to let the basket base touch the water. The latter, provide the water supply is continuous will do for the entire summer.  The secret is to only permit the water to touch the basket, roots will form below the basket, these are "Water Seeking Roots"  Return the baskets to their hanging brackets on return but I guess you will like the results so much you may decide to leave them in situ. Maybe a second set of baskets & alternate them once every two weeks as I do.

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