Haotian ht 125

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Hi just read a report on the Haotian 125,  it says when bought they dont come with any manuals. Well when I was about 16/17, 25 years ago there was this bike i fell in love with i just loved the look the ridding position everything but the nearest i got to owning one was to sit on one in the showroom of our local honda dealer and dream .My £25 pound a week on Maggies Government schemes meant thats all i could do is dream £10 bored £7.50 driving lessons left me with £7.50 to get to and from work for the next five days to make cups of tea and sweep up for the nice men who where teaching me to be a motor mechanic, anyway what i am telling you is that my dream bike has been born again in the guise of a Haotian ht 125 which is a mirror image of my dream bike which was a Honda CM 125 custom. So if you need any data this is the manual to get hold of. ps working at tescos now still can't afford the cheaper version , don't make tea anymore though ... we have a vending machine lol. 
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