Hard plastic doll deterioration

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Before I knew anything about HPD, I bought several dolls on EBay that arrived with a profound vinegar/ acidy smell. One even had some gray discoloration around the eyes, nose and mouth, arms and legs. The seller told me it was because she had been stored with mothballs and I believed her. I tried to clean the doll up a bit but when another doll I had bought seemed to have the same odor...I began investigating the smell online. That is where I learned about the devastating effects of HPD and how this could affect my other hard plastic dolls because of its contagious nature.. I contacted one seller and she accepted the return just fine. One seller told me because i had "altered" the doll by cleaning her...she could not accept it. EBay backed her up and I was out the money! My advice to other online doll buyers is to NOT ALTER OR CLEAN ANYTHING  you buy unless you either have a sensitive nose like mine and can smell the odor or can spot the discoloration around nose, mouth , hands or limbs. Also, ask the seller if you can return it if you open the box and the odor wafts to your nose. It won't help to ask them if they can smell it because every nose has a different sensitivity. The odor is the first of the terrible symptoms which eventually can destory the doll and infect your entire collection!!! There are a lot of doll sellers out there who are totally unscrupulous and prey upon unsuspecting, foolish buyers like me.  Typical is the seller that sells an "Original Shirley Temple Composition Doll". What she's not telling you is that without the official SHIRLEY TEMPLE appropriate markings on the neck or back...most of these over-priced dolls are mere "look-alikes", (another word for "knock-offs"). This sin of ommission has cost many an unwary doll buyer a lot of money. Educate yourself BEFORE you buy dolls on EBay or elsewhere.It is the best protection you have.

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