Hard to be an International Ebayer ....

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Majority of american sellers inform their customers that they are not responsible for damaged,lost or stolen items if insurance is not purchased.

The problem is that the sellers don't even propose insurance for International buyers!!
Some inform that it doesn't exist or others say that an insurance option is not available for International shipments

When you go on the USPS website, you sadly notice that it exists a bunch of International insurance services at a low cost :-(

Sometimes, the only option proposed is the Global Express shipment (at a high cost)!!
Why this option when it exists many other possibilities at a less cost??

So, please please please, sellers, think about honest people who want a whole safe transaction
and wish to pay for safety at a fair cost




Another problem is that a lot of sellers require a Confirmed Paypal address in order to ship a purchase.
As written on the Paypal website:
"A confirmed address is an address that has been reviewed by PayPal and found to be safer than addresses that do not have similar characteristics.PayPal provides confirmed addresses to help sellers make informed decisions when shipping goods."

"Please note that because not all credit card companies are currently able to confirm an address, only some UK and Canadian addresses may be confirmed at this time."

Even if you're honest but live outside the USA, Canada or UK, you have big chances that a seller refuse to sell to you because of the unfair/unclear Paypal rules!

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