Haunting Ground PS2 game 16+

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If like me you prefer games that challenge your mind instead of mindless killing, fighting and violence that so many games seem to be about, then Haunting Ground on PS2 is one for you.

Fiona Belli has been in an accident, she wakes to find something far worse. She's being held a prisoner in a gothic castle, filled with horrors, bloody experiments and secret laboratories.

Demented monsters and psycopaths stalk the corridors, What do they want? can you help Fiona escape.

Your only chance is to outsmart and evade them, with the help of Hewie the dog, it is achievable.

But! as you start to panic your screen changes and your vision is blurred, you fall over and bump into things, you need to get away to return to normal.

There are so many rooms and different levels to explore in sequence before you can escape, picking up clues along the way, Medallions you can change to give you other things, jerky to keep your dog happy and secret maps to show you the way.

This is good, one of the best games I've played for a while, with a fantastic ending.

My Tips for the game;

1. When ever you see a clock save your game, you will need to or you go back to the start.

2. Check everything and collect everything you may need them futher along in the game.

3. Always watch the cut scenes they help you understand what is going on and give you clues.

4. Love your dog he will help you win the game.

5. When you reach the end it is not over keep playing for a really great finish.

6. If you get stuck go to the web site for cheats because some of the logic is a bit hard to understand.

Good Luck and give it ago


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