Have a merry homemade christmas!!

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Where to start?So before you buy think where you want your decorations. Are they to hang on your tree? From a Mantlepiece? At the window? All 3?! It's best to decide this first so you know what size and how many to buy. I always find when I'm considering all the different options its easiest to put the ones that look most promising in my watch list and then compare from there. 
After you've purchased your cut outs it's a matter of really letting your imagination run wild. 
Deciding on the various shapes is a job in itself there are so many, do you go for the one or a mixture? Classy or fun? And as for the decorating there is still so many options. 
You could leave them looking all rustic and wooden and hang with a piece of coarse brown string. What about using newspaper or wrapping paper and PVA glue to papier mache them and then stick on buttons or bows and hang from ribbon. Or how about getting the plastic cloth out for the table and get the poster paints, glitter and sequins out with the kids! When your masterpieces are finished give them a coat of clear varnish to help them last forever.

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