Have you lost photographs from your digital camera?

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Digital Cameras - Emergency rescue...

Digital camera's are great, instant results, no more waiting for the film to be processed to see if the shot came out ok, just check it there and then, and reshoot if not perfect.

They are not so great if the photographs on your card suddenly become unreadable, or corrupted. Its a horrible feeling coming back from a expensive holiday just to find the card cant be read, and all your photographs have vanished......

You can take it to a shop, and if you are lucky they may be able to recover them for you (but expect to pull a lot of cash out of your wallet), or you can just resign yourself to losing them all.

So, what can you do to get your precious memories back?

Luckily, there are a great many software packages on the market that do a remarkably good job of fixing corruption on memory cards, and retrieving your lost photographs. They may not always work, nor are they perfect, but the do a great job most of the time. Some are fully fledged commercial software packages,that will cost you money, but several are 100 percent free!

Simply search google.co.uk for free image recovery or free photograph recovery or similar, and you will see many examples available for download. Pick a few and try them out, you have nothing to lose, and your photographs to gain if it works!

A Cautionary warning.......

If you ever decide to sell your memory card on ebay, after upgrading to a higher capacity one, or a new camera that takes different cards, then beware!

Simply deleting or formating your memory card may not FULLY remove any pics you have on it, so the buyer may be able to run one of these recovery packages and get your photos on their pc.... If you have been taking any private pics, and dont want them seen by anyone else, make sure you overwrite the card fully with some innocent shots, or download a large file onto the card, anything to overwrite any old photo's that may be on the card.


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