HeadBlade Razor Blades & Adaptors

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I have created the following guide to the razor blades/cartridges and adaptors that can be used with the HeadBlade head shaving razor.

Gillette Atra (Plus) is the cartridge originally supplied and still recommended by HeadBlade (a US company). Schick Ultrex (Plus) are also compatible.

Gillette Contour (Plus) is the equivalent of Gillette Atra (Plus) in the UK. Wilkinson Sword Profile (Plus) is the equivalent of Schick Ultrex (Plus). Own brand twin blade cartridges that are compatible with the major brands mentioned are also possible.

HeadBlade DoubleBlade & TripleBlade are the new cartridges specially created by HeadBlade. These new razor blades can be identified by the green lube strips. The TripleBlade cartridges require the orange HeadBlade adaptor.

Gillette Sensor cartridges are also possible but require a 'Gillette' rather than a 'Merkur' version of the adaptor (classicshaving.com > Safety Razors & Blades > Merkur Pivoting Cartridge Adaptors).

The two main types of adaptors for the HeadBlade are known as Merkur and Gillette. The Merkur version works with twin blade cartridge system as as Gillette Atra and Schick Ultrex. The Gillette version works with Gillette Sensor cartridges. A Schick version of the adaptor is possible (for use with Schick Ultrex Protector cartridges) but have no information on use with the HeadBlade. HeadBlade have an uprated version of the Merkur adaptor designed for use with the thier DoubleBlade & TripleBlade cartridges (also compatible with Gillette Atra). The original versions of these adaptors are black, the HeadBlade version of the Merkur adaptor is orange.

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