Headphones for on the Run: Buying the Best Fitness Headphones

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Headphones for on the Run: Buying the Best Fitness Headphones

Exercising can be a tough, arduous, and long task, but when consumers can enjoy listening to their favourite music while they run, it can make the journey a lot easier and more enjoyable. An MP3 player or iPod is the perfect running companion, but some headphones may slip out of the ears or not be comfortable while exercising. There are specific types and styles of headphones that are made to wear while running and exercising that will fit comfortably and stay in the ears, even when the consumer is running vigorously. There is typically a standard set of headphones that come with an MP3 player or iPod, which may not be the right type for running. No one wants to stop in the middle of their workout to pick up headphones that have fallen out, or readjust headphones that do not stay in while a person is trying to enjoy their daily run.

Instead of dealing with that hassle, purchase a separate set of headphones for running that are made for on the go listening and skip the stress of trying to keep headphones from slipping out during a workout. There are several common types of sports headphones available that are perfect for active consumers. There is generally one type that is perfect for every runner, depending on what he or she will find the most comfortable and affordable for their needs. When considering purchasing headphones for running, it is important to go over all the factors and types of headphones that would be most beneficial to the wearer.

What to Consider Before Buying Fitness Headphones

Every athlete is different and every music listener has different needs, desires, and levels of comfort when it comes to listening to music. Consider what type of headphone is most comfortable when purchasing a sports headphone set, because a person that does not like in-ear headphones may want to consider trying neckband headphones instead. Or, the style of an ear hook headphone may be more appealing to some consumers. Considering personal style, comfort, preferences, and budget are just a few of the factors a buyer should look at before searching for the perfect pair of fitness headphones to wear while jogging or running.

Most types of sports headphones are compatible with many devices, and whether consumers are listening to their favourite music, an audio book, or any other type of media, the right set of headphones can truly enhance the experience and make it a lot less frustrating than having to deal with traditional headphones that aren’t made to withstand the elements or the movement of jogging, running, or other types of exercising. A special pair of fitness headphones would also make a good gift for a fellow athlete.

Common Types of Fitness Headphones

When it comes to sports headphones, there are essentially three basic types that will work the best when it comes to listening to music on the run, while jogging or performing an aerobic workout. These headphones will fit snugly in the ear or around the head or ears, and be comfortable as well as functional. Special fitness headphones do not always come out easily, and are meant to be worn while exercising so they are designed to hold up well and can be jostled around without consequence.

Choosing the right type of sports headphone is an individual choice and mainly based on what type of headphone the buyer considers to be the most comfortable, and what the buyer’s budget is for sports headphones.

In-Ear Fitness Headphones

In-ear fitness headphones are the standard and most common type of headphone. However, not all in-ear headphones are created equally. Special sports in-ear headphones are made to fit inside the ear quite snugly so they won’t fall out, and some models and brands even offer sweat proof headphones as well as washable components.

Try in-ear headphones that have a customizable cable so the cord can be made longer or shorter for convenience while running. Some brands, such as Philips sports headphones, makes a model that even comes with several different sizes of earbud so the buyer can select the one that fits the best for the most comfortable listening experience while exercising. Soft silicone makes them easy to wear, too. Sennheiser and JVC are common brands of in-ear fitness headphones.

Ear Hook Fitness Headphones

Ear hook headphones are another popular type of choice for athletes that want to take their music on the go with them. Ear hook headphones are curved and simply fit over the ear for a tighter, closer fit than most traditional headphones offer. Many brands offer ear hook headphones that are waterproof and sweat proof so they won’t become damaged, and they come in many different colours, too. Most types of ear hook headphones are compatible with many types of devices and players, but the consumer should check to make sure his or her device will fit with these headphones.

Most consumers find ear hook headphones to be a very comfortable and convenient alternative to standard headphones when they are jogging. Some popular brands of ear hook style headphones for sports include Panasonic and JVC. Some ear hook headphones simply rest over the ear, and some actually clip to the ear for a tighter, closer fit. Ear hooks may be completely circular, or be more of an oval, half circle shape.

Neckband Headphones

Another type of fitness headphones is the neckband headphone. These fit around the neck, with the headphones resting over the ear. The band portion will rest along the back of the neck, not on top of the head like traditional headphones, with the ear buds fitting snugly inside the ears.

Neckband headphones for sports are very lightweight and soft, and the neck portion of the band is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably behind the user’s head. These types of headphones are generally compatible with most types of digital music players. Some types of neckband headphones are made to be sturdy especially for athletics, and offer features such as remote controls and are made of materials that are water resistant and shock absorbent. Philips, Adidas, and Soundlab are a few brands to look at.

Sports Headphone Accessories

For consumers that are taking music with them while they are jogging or exercising, it might also be convenient to purchase an armband to accompany the headphones. An armband is used often for athletes that take their MP3 player or iPod with them while running and jogging, and it makes listening to music a little bit easier on the go.

An armband can actually hold the music player in place while the consumer is exercising, so it doesn’t get dropped. It can also provide protection and a cover for the player, and can hold any extra cord lengths from the sports headphones. They typically fasten around the arm comfortably with Velcro closures, and come in an assortment of colours, fabrics, and styles. Make sure the armband purchased is compatible with the player it will be used for before purchasing.

How to Buy The Right Fitness Headphones on eBay

Buying fitness headphones on eBay is convenient, and there are many styles, brands, and designs right at your fingertips. First, search fitness headphones or sports headphones to get an idea of the different types of headphones available, or you can do a more specific search for neckband headphones or ear hook headphones to bring up those styles individually. Buy sports headphones from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers on eBay, with a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers. Search headphones by colour, brand, or style until you find the perfect pair of fitness headphones for you.

When you’re exercising, you don’t want to worry about losing your headphones, or the headphones falling off while you’re enjoying running, jogging, or working out. Traditional headphones may not stay in place, but purchasing a pair of sports headphones from eBay will be a great investment if you love to take your music with you on the go. Enjoy your daily workout, run, or jog with the aid of some great headphones that are perfect for the task at hand.


Running is nice, but running to an athlete’s favourite music is even better. Make it easier to listen to favourite, encouraging tunes or even audio books while getting a daily workout in with the proper pair of fitness headphones. Fitness headphones, unlike traditional types of headphones, are specially made to be more flexible, comfortable, and even hold up to water, sweat, and being washed. They are sturdy and made to stay on the head and ears while being comfortable and looking stylish all at the same time.

A great pair of sports headphones is a wonderful purchase, especially for consumers that spend a lot of time exercising. Instead of dealing with standard headphones that may fall off the head, invest in a special type of headphone that is meant for athletes, runners, and sports that will stay put, look great, and feel good along with allowing the consumer to enjoy her favourite music without having to stay put in one spot. No matter what type of headphone is most comfortable for the consumer, there is a perfect pair that’s a great price on eBay.

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