Healing Crystals

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A crystal is a solid body with geometrically regular shape. Crystals were created as the earth formed and they have continued to metamorphose as the planet itself has changed. Crystal's are the earth's DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution. Crystal's are highly decorative, especially when shaped or polished, although some are stunning in their natural form. You can now buy decorative objects wrought from and enormous variety of precious stones, all of which greatly enhance their surroundings, especially those chosen for thier esoteric properties to. A carefully placed crystal can magically transform its surroundings.

Certain crystals have the ability to absorb negativity and electromagnetic smog (ie: mobile phones, computers and phycic attack.

Certain crystals will help to attract wealth or love.Many crystals can aid healing.

When sourcing a crystal find one you that meets your  needs and  the one you are particularly drawn to.

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