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Circuit Training in Haslemere with is a great way to get fit and lose weight. Circuit Training consists of a number of different exercises done at various points around a room. An exercise is done for a fixed time (e.g. 30 seconds), after which you move around the room ("circuit") to the next exercise and do that for the fixed time, and so on until all the exercises have been done. This type of routine is known as "Circuit Training" and is regarded as being very effective. Swimmers, runners, cyclists, tennis players, gardeners, and really anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle can find that Circuit Training complements their main activity. If you don't do any of these activities then Circuit Training in its own right can easily be your main fitness activity. In Haslemere, Andy Webb runs traditional Circuit Training classes, details of which can be found at At Circuit Training classes you work at the pace best for you, everyone can find their own level. Also, there are no complicated routines to learn. It is good, easy-to-do, exercise, in its simplest form that will help you to improve your health. So if you are near a gym and Circuit Training is on offer, then it could be a good way to start to improve your fitness. If you are a new starter to the class then let the instructor know your situation so that he/she can help you to achieve your goal. Good luck and remember that if you want an introduction to Circuit Training then Circuit Training in Haslemere with Andy Webb tel:079500 31538 can help you, and give you a free session to get you started. I hope this helps this explains what Circuit Training is, and encourages anyone who wants to get fit to go along to their local class. Best wishes. Andy


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