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Before you read this, I don't sell any items regarding these topics so I am free from bias but know a lot about this industry and feel ashamed with what is happening to this industry which is all about bettering ourselves as individuals, this is my review into Health, Fitness & Weight Loss products & services on Ebay.

So what's the situation?

There are many items for sale on Ebay involving health, fitness & weight loss , it is a multi billion pound industry and is growing at rapid rates. Weight loss products & services claiming to help you lose large amounts of weight in very little time. Mens fitness supplements & equipment that claim to help you boost muscle mass within a few weeks and get amazing results and seeing a 6 pack cut stomache. Health products claiming to have almost magical benefits such as regrowing hair (or removing it!) in no time at all, acne reduction, joint care and just about any problem you can think of there is a product out there on Ebay with your name on it waiting.....

........But do they work?


The short answer!

Some products out there have benefits, others claim it but simply do not have any scientific research backing at all. Many products in theory should work and simply get sold of as working products. You HAVE to do your research on a product, dont throw your hard earned money away, whether it be a £2.99 item or a £29.99 item. There are many websites out there on fitness, magazines, blogs, youtube videos, some very basic research that would take you less then 5 minutes to do would show you whether that product is proven to work or not. 


The long(ish) answer!

The hard truth is, where there is money to be made, and people who are not educated in that area are willing to pay for the claimed benefits, there will always be products and services claiming to provide these amazingly claimed benefits. 

The health and fitness industry is a tricky one, like really really tricky....

You know when you walk into your local Tesco for groceries, Boots for toiletries, local mechanic to fix your car. You assume and know that they must be qualified to do so, there must be 100s of regulations Tesco, Boots and your local mechanic must maintain in order for them to conduct those services safely, with a sense of responsibility and most importantly which all companies must comply with which is to act in the Public Interest.

This is where the problem lies, for 95% of products out there today on the high street or on Ebay there are many regulations that prevent scams, rip offs and simply put a business lying to the extend there product doesn't work but for some unknown reason it isn't as regulated with the health & fitness industries, maybe due to the rapid speed of a small industry of health & fitness enthusiasts to a massive industry that almost everyone is now a part of.

You can try it yourself and go onto the Ebay search and type in something generic like lose weight fast and see the amount of listings that come up and claim to help you lose weight or 100% money back in ridiculously quick times, many listings claiming to have a magic secret that if you pay them a small sum, they will email over to you a E-book that was 99% likely freely available on the internet. 

There are protein shakes and other supplements out there that claim to boost testosterone levels by massive amounts, increase performance to incredible heights. The truth is other then the basic fundamentals, there isn't much more available out there that will truly benefit an individual, and with all due respect many people are throwing there money away into these get rich fast type schemes whereas they are neglecting real products, real businesses and real professionals advice on what to actually to. You HAVE to research the products you are buying, look for reviews of the products, look at the feedback of the seller, look at the claim and see where it says in the item description where such a claim is backed by.

The faults with these products

  • There is little to no scientific research done on the products, and if there is, they have been over exaggerated to the point that would provide you with little to no benefit vs something else that is much more cost efficient.
  • Brands producing low quality products and charging them at prices equal to the high end, there IS a difference from brand to brand, although it may be small for certain types of products, there are many out there that simply are not on par with some of the better brands and do not adjust the price.
  • They manipulate you into buying products you do not need, you simply do not need many products out there and many people then end up neglecting the great products that are really good for you, examples of this include items such as Green Tea and various other natural extracts, basic multivitamin tablets, Fish oils, Protein shakes and even other products like Creatine (muscle building product!). Instead you get thrown out products that will last no longer then 6 months in the industry or are simple Ebooks where the seller emails you over some generic diet that is freely available and one I could write to you in 5 minutes.

Conclusion & how to find the right product!

There are some great products out there, some at incredible prices but it is sad to see so many buyers being caught out on Ebay over poor products and services from sellers who most of the time know the product or service is not proven in any shape or form. At the same time there are some amazing products on Ebay at amazing prices.

All I ask of you is this:

  • Do your research into the product before buying, it will take you less than 5 minutes to research a product and really get an understanding of its benefits and whether there is any scientific proof behind the claims.
  • Check the brand of the product, some brands are great whilst others have been bashed by the FSA for including harsh, sometimes even illegal ingredients that help lose weight through very unhealthy methods, gain muscle mass through banned substances etc.
  • Is it the optimal product for your needs?, don't spend £50 on magic fat loss pills that do little to nothing for you or bodybuilding supplement tablets when you can spent that £50 on real food, actual food supplements, exercise shoes and real proven supplements that will help you far greater over the long run.
  • If its too good to be true, it probably isn't. 
Thank you for reading, if you honestly feel that helped you with your buying decision, feel free to like the page, P.S I get nothing from this other then satisfaction in knowing I helped those with less knowledge in this industry get better value for money

To end with a quote:

"we're all gonna make it brah" ------------Zyzz 1989-2011


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