Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Buying Guide

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Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Buying Guide

Rings carry tremendous significance, and have done so throughout the ages. In ancient times, they were often an indication of rank, power, or status, giving the wearer a tangible mark of authority. They have long been representative of relationships as well. Friendship rings, promise rings, engagement rings, class rings, and wedding rings each connote a connection between individuals or groups of people.

Engagement rings in particular often feature precious stones such as diamonds. While there are many different diamond cuts available, the iconic heart shape makes the most overt statement of love. Buyers looking for a heart-shaped diamond ring should be aware of certain unique characteristics that affect size and setting choices for this particular cut. Since cost is likely to be a factor as well, buyers may want to shop on eBay for the diamond ring rather than purchasing it at a higher price from a local jewellery shop or department store.

About Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man. The carbon atoms within them are linked together in a reinforced, lattice-like structure, with every atom sharing electrons with another four atoms for a strong, bonded unit. Diamonds top the Mohs Hardness Scale with a rank of 10, and they cannot be scratched by anything except another diamond. This hardness makes diamonds very valuable. Some people who do not trust traditional currency like to protect their wealth by purchasing diamonds, which are virtually indestructible and do not lose their value.

Working with Diamonds

The hardness of diamonds renders them difficult to work with. Diamond cutters often have to break or cleave the rough diamond until it is the right size. They may also saw it using a laser or a blade of phosphor-bronze which rotates at very high speeds. The actual cutting of the diamond into its final shape is called 'bruiting' if it is done by hand. The final step is the polishing of the diamond, a process that smoothes out any imperfections. Since diamonds are so hard, bruiting and polishing must be conducted using other diamond elements, such as diamond chips, diamond blades, or diamond dust.

Common Diamond Cuts

Diamond cutters usually refine their diamonds into one of several common shapes. Some of the most popular shapes, including the heart shape, are described in the chart below.

Diamond Shape



Round cut, usually 57 or 58 facets


Oblong cut, like an oval with a point at each narrow end


Teardrop shape with one sharply pointed end and one wide, round end


Square cut


Stylized shape of a human heart


Curved oval cut


Rectangular cut with corners clipped for an octagonal shape


Simple rectangular cut


Triangular cut

While each of these cuts has its own unique beauty, the heart-shaped cut is romantic in nature. Heart-shaped diamond rings are perfect for engagement rings, promise rings, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and other similar occasions.

Unique Features of Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds differ from other cuts in several ways. Buyers should be aware of these differences so that they can be sure they are purchasing a high-quality diamond in the right setting.


Some jewel cutters begin working with a diamond planning to create a round brilliant cut only to get into the diamond and discover several natural flaws (known as inclusions) that make a perfect brilliant-cut diamond impossible. In such cases, they may decide to create a heart shape instead. The heart shape preserves as much of the diamond carat weight as possible while allowing jewel cutters the freedom to remove most or all of the problematic flaws.


Heart-shaped diamonds are technically referred to as a 'modified brilliant cut' because of the starting shape. Heart-shaped diamonds closely resemble brilliant-cut diamonds in the number of facets they possess. Whereas brilliant-cut diamonds have 57 or 58 facets, heart-shaped diamonds usually have 59. However, some jewel cutters may add extra facets around the raised centre part of the diamond, called the pavilion. The number of pavilion facets is usually six, but it can also be seven or eight.


Since the heart-shaped diamond is given a unique, man-made shape rather than a strictly geometric one such as a square or circle, it can be difficult for jewel cutters to get the lobes (top curved portions) of the heart exactly the same. A high-quality ring with a heart-shaped diamond has perfectly symmetrical lobes.

Centre Cleft

The cleft in the centre of the diamond is tricky for jewel cutters. It must be crisp and defined, yet not so deep as to weaken the diamond and make it prone to cleaving. If the diamond is too small, the cleft may take on the appearance of an imperfection. Instead of a lovely heart shape, the diamond might look like a damaged brilliant cut. For this reason, jewel cutters do not typically create heart shapes from diamonds that are under half a carat, with many preferring to use diamonds of one carat or more for this type of cut.


The flatter the heart-shaped diamond, the larger it appears when set. However, a flatter diamond does not include as much interior depth where light can be reflected. Shallower diamonds are not usually as brilliant as are deeper diamonds. As buyers shop for a ring, they must decide whether the illusion of size is more or less important to them than is the brilliance of the diamond itself.


Heart-shaped diamonds are more fragile than are some other cuts. They require strong, supportive settings that bolster their weak areas and enhance their shape. For instance, a bezel setting completely encloses the edges of the stone for all-around support. This type of setting works well for smaller heart-shaped diamonds.

Three-prong settings feature one prong on the lower tip of the heart and one prong on each of the heart's lobes. Larger heart-shaped diamonds may have four or five prongs. While prongs are a secure setting, they can sometimes become bent and allow the diamond to shift or slip out. Many buyers prefer more than three prongs to lessen the chances of the diamond being lost due to a damaged prong.

Some settings for heart-shaped diamonds may include other stones like small rubies or sapphires. These additional stones usually flank the heart-shaped centre gem. However, too many side stones can draw attention away from the main attraction, which should be the beautiful, heart-shaped diamond. Buyers must use careful judgement when selecting a setting that includes additional stones.

Vintage Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings

In past decades, heart-shaped diamonds were very popular, and many antique engagement rings feature these unique stones. If buyers are on a particularly tight budget, they should consider choosing an antique heart-shaped ring for their loved one. Antique jewellery usually features fine craftsmanship and intricate designs. Vintage diamond rings also carry with them a rich history and an irresistible old-world charm.

How to Buy a Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring on eBay

Heart-shaped diamonds are less common than other cuts, but your local jewellery shops may have a few for sale. You will find even more options on eBay when you type 'heart-shaped diamond ring' into the search bar. As you browse the results, look for sellers who include free P&P, offer a return policy, or bundle some accessories, such as a velvet box or cleaning items, along with the ring itself. Occasionally, you may notice a special top-rated seller seal on a listing page. This seal assures you that the seller is one of eBay's most reputable merchants, one who comes highly recommended by other eBay buyers. To ask a question about a ring, contact the seller from within the listing or from his or her profile.

If your search yields a list of results that is too long, apply some of the filters to shorten it. Simply choose the condition, shipping options, seller options, and other features that you want, and eBay removes all listings that do not match your specifications. You can even enter your postcode and preferred distance to view only the listings from sellers in your area. Remember to save your search if you would like to know when sellers post new listings for heart-shaped diamond engagement rings on eBay.


Choosing a ring for a loved one can be a complex and lengthy process, especially when the ring contains a valuable stone such as a diamond. For romantic relationships, the heart-shaped diamond is the perfect cut to express passion, love, and commitment. Its unique shape and delicate nature make it a priceless heirloom from the moment it slips onto the recipient's finger.

Buyers selecting a heart-shaped diamond ring may find it preferable to choose a narrower heart shape. Wider heart-shaped diamond generally work better as pendants or earrings. Another consideration is the size of the recipient's fingers: a narrow heart-shaped diamond usually looks better on small or slender fingers, enhancing the beauty of the hand instead of appearing chunky and heavy. If buyers take the time to consider the unique properties of heart-shaped diamonds, as well as the preferences of their loved ones, they will find the perfect heart-shaped diamond ring for any occasion.

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