Heatpacks for livestock shipments and pain relief

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Heatpacksuk supply a complete range of cost effective warmers which are suitable for a number of uses.

Our personal warmer range are ideal for keeping away the cold during winter fishing sessions, spectator sports, hiking, camping, etc. in fact anywhere that cold conditions can become uncomfortable or unbearable. The smallest warmers can be placed discretely in a glove or shoe to provide constant soothing warmth for upto 8 hours. The larger warmers are available with an adhesive backing which can be attached inside the clothing to help alleviate period pains, backache and aches and sprains and have a duration of upto 20+ hours.

They are also ideal for aiding pain relief in conditions where cold weather exacerbates many ailments,  including arthritis and raynauds.

One of the many advantages is they can be used by young and old where a traditional heat source, such as a hot water bottle, can cause scalding. In addition all our warmers are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


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