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The following guide is not about the common garden hedgehog, but mainly African Hedgehogs including the pygmy and long eared variety.

Recently African Hedgehogs have found their way into many families homes and have now been labled as the perfect pet for anybody living in a flat or apartment, and the price of hedgehogs has also fallen over the last few years from £3000 -£4000 for a breeding pair to £300 - £400 this is largley due to the fact that hogs are prolific breeders both in and out of captivity and so there seems to be a larger supply than there is keepers of these fantastic animals.

I'm going to dive right in and start preaching about cage sizes just because i have too, the cage should be at least 16" tall, 12" deep, and 24" long, a wooden vivarium with glass sliding doors from a quality pet shop would be ideal, and whilst you are there pick up a bag of Aspen bedding, normaly used for snake bedding, as this is perfect for hogs.

the average lifespan of a hog is about 12 years and they reach sexual maturity at about 2 years of age.

They feed mainly on tinned act food and biscuits, but also eat a variety of fruit and veg, thay are also very fond of mealworms.

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