Helen Carey Lavender Road Trilogy Book List In Order

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Have you started reading a great book only to find that it’s the second or third in a long series? Even worse if it mentions details from previous books you haven’t read! So, here at Apple Green Books we have put together a handy list for you to check the order of books in your favourite series, and you can also quickly and easily find them all on eBay for you to purchase. We hope you find it useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a list of books we don’t have. Happy reading!

Helen Carey

Helen Carey draws on her life experiences and many very different jobs for inspiration in her novels. As well as writing, she also teaches creative writing at the University of Wales, where she currently lives.

Here is Helen Carey’s Lavender Road trilogy in reading list order from first to last:

Lavender Road

Opening in September 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, Lavender Road follows the lives of a number of people who live in one South London street through the first year of hostilities. Lavender Road, set between Lavender Hill and Clapham Common, boasts a pub, two rows of terraced working class homes, and overlooking the common at the top end of the road, two big houses, one owned by the local brewer Greville Rutherford and the other by the glamorous eccentric Mrs D’Arcy Billière. Everyone in the road suspects that their courage will be tested and that the war will change their lives, perhaps for ever …
For Joyce Carter, care-worn but resilient, the outbreak of war means a struggle to keep food on the family table. For her daughter, wild, sexy Jen, it may mean an end of her dream to become an actress. For shy asthmatic Katy Parsons, the pub landlord’s daughter, it offers a chance to break free from the life of an invalid if only she can summon the courage to defy her parents and enrol as a nurse. For Pam Nelson, a sickening see-saw of emotions as she fights attraction to her handsome Irish lodger, and for her husband Alan, the demoralising discovery that despite his desperate desire to do his bit, he is considered unfit to enlist. For seventeen year old Louise Rutherford, rich pretty and naïve, it offers grand illusions of romance.

Some Sunny Day

Shy Katy Parsons from the pub finally summons the courage to enroll as a nurse, but finds the rigours of hospital life even more difficult to bear than her secret love for the enigmatic, unobtainable Canadian, Ward Frazer.Away on an ENSA tour, Jen Carter finds herself unexpectedly homesick, while her mother, Joyce, prefers to face the terror of the burning streets on the WVS van than suffer her husband’s brutality at home. Pam Nelson longs for a baby to breathe life into her flagging marriage. At the other end of the street, eighteen year old Louise, daughter of the strict, authoritarian brewer Greville Rutherford, faces the crisis of her life when she finds she is pregnant with an illegitimate child.

On a Wing and a Prayer

As the war enters its third year, the people in Lavender Road are now pushed to the limit. Everyday life is hard enough in London in 1941, but it becomes much harder when the constant anxiety for loved ones, the demands on courage and the privations of war are added into the mix. 
And yet for one person in Lavender Road, Helen de Burrel, the real implications of being at war becomes even more personal when she finds herself volunteering to join the Special Operations Executive. Nobody knows that her cool exterior conceals such courage ... and such fear. But it is 1941, and for her at least, the sense that each day could be her last spurs her on. It also means that love, when it strikes unexpectedly, is doubly dangerous.

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