Hell Holds no Fury

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This is an adult film that is based loosely on a true story of a man who has an affair while working away.He leaves the girl Linda a note to say good bye .Linda of course is furious and swears revenge.Somehow she mamges to get the job as nanny to Alex's son.


During this first part of the film there is very little dialogue but plenty of graffic pornograghy where I am sure the cameraman had a good time.

On with the plot ,Alex's Boss asks him to host a dinner for an important client that night ,Linda over hears and serves Kate ,Alex's wife a dodgy lunch which lands her in hospital with food poisening.,Linda says she will see to the evening and play hostest,which she does very well , so much so that Boss ends up in bed with her.Then he finds out who she rearly is and threatens to tell Kate.Next day Linda goes to Bosses office and shoots him.

During all this Linda still finds time to bed Kates brother and blackmails Alexs to go her bed whenever she calls,More porn.

On with the plot; Alexs goes to see his Boss and finds him dead,realiseing who it was he goes home and tells Kate the whole truth then tries to strangle Linda but not before phoning the police.In they come guns away but linda has other ideas and reaches for a gun in her purse and shoots Alexs in the shoulder ,The police shoot her dead.

More plot, for some obscure reason I think jealousy Kate's brother sets fire to the house and Kate screams that she dosn't know where Linda has hidden the baby,That where the film ends,Amateur Acting on all counts and shall I say it unnessary porn.

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