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Hemp Cannabis Marijuana  Hashish Ganja Guide

An Ebay guide to increase awareness and understanding of Cannabis Sativa, hemp, cannabis , marijuana and thousands of other Terms.

"Hemp for Victory" a 11 minute film produced by the United States Department Of Agriculture in 1942, a great history  spaning the last 6 millenia !

WATCH "Hemp for Victory" on google video  / youtube

  • United States Department of Agriculture 1942 Educational Cannabis Film

  • Ancient (Not So) Secret History of Cannabis Sativa

  • View Henry Ford's Hemp Car video

  • Learn to grow, cultivate & harvest

  • how marijuana helped win the second world war

Cannabis what?  Many Names  Many uses.

Across the world hemp plays the part it always has in the service of man,  a fast growing hardy useful plant that has provides textiles, medicine, building materials and fuel. Today this plant is being reintroduced into new products as a consumer safe  bulk resource.

"Cannabis sativa" 

literally translates from  LATIN

to "useful plant."


just a summary of the last few months

Sativex has been licensed In Canada, Spain, UK & Germany. 20 years ago these were labelled as pipe dreams despite established science. Science is not neccessarily movitated by truth more by funding. 



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cool links 

www. hempcar .org - Rudoph Diesel produced the first diesel engines running on peanut oil. Hemp seed oil works just fine

www hempoil . co .uk hemp seed oil uk based site. Hemp News, products and links


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