Henry Cooper Taurus Skipping Rope

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I have used many varities of skipping rope but this one is my favourite for the following reasons:

  1. It is easily adjustable to suit your height
  2. The handles have a swivel minimising wrist effort so you can concentrate on your footwork
  3. The rope is PVC cord which has the following benefits over nylon or leather:
  • It doesn't tangle or frey
  • The skipping action is very smooth
  • It allows you to get up to very fast speeds
  • It allows you to use 'fancy' techniques if you wish

When I saw this rope online I thought the swivel was going to be a weak spot but having used it for nearly a year now it has not given me any problems.  I used to be an average skipper but my skipping speed is very fast now.

As the name suggests, this rope was used and is endorsed by British boxing legend Henry Cooper and was also the preferred rope of Albert Rayner who is the world speed skipping record holder.

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