Herme`s Gucci ,Chlo`e,Balenciaga,MarcJacobs FAKE IT !!!

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I have unfortunately been a victim & lost a large amount of money !!! Now i am prosecuting please listen carefully some valuable lessons to be learn,t here, on the 12th nov/07 i walked in to my bank & arranged a money transfer for £1000 .to (Gemma Gems ) J BAILEY . So excited to buy a gorgeous Hermes Birkin r,r,p £3.500 , a week later a poor excuse for a hand bag turned up with fake receipts , i stupidly acted very quickly & reported them to Ebay !!! They where removed immediatly for avoiding ebay fees .£30!!! Once every thing is removed it is impossible to communicate or gather essential information , you have no choice but to investigate as much about the sellers Look at all past contact all other sellers & buyers , they do not like the con artists being protected by ebay & they may help with information for the police to trace them .i managed to get their bank & address but its a A lengthy & demoralising process ,The out come BEWARE !!!!! CRIME DOES PAY HERE !!!POLICE RESPONSE . I'm afraid I do not have good news with regards to the deception involving the handbag. I have liaised with ESSEX POLICE so that the matter can be progressed and they sent me the following reply: "Having viewed the incident please note that this transfer has been rejected based upon the fact that no crime appears to have occurred. Rather, this is a civil dispute about the authenticity of the goods received. Such matters fall within the remit of the small claims courts for breach of contract (see also Sale of Goods Act 1997 - Section 13 goods sold by description should correspond to description - Section 14 Covers fitness for purpose and satisfactory quality). The complainant should make representations to Ebay who listed the item as to trading standards who may take an interest. Should additional information become available to counter this situation ESSEX POLICE will again review this position. However this will need to be supported by clear documentary evidence from the party(s) concerned" Unfortunately this means that Sussex Police will not investigate the matter further as the Crime actually occurred in ESSEX. I would suggest contacting ESSEX POLICE directly to express your views. If you require any further advise please call me or my supervisor, PS HIGGINS, who can help you whilst I'm away on leave until early February. In other words it does,nt matter what a shoddy piece of S**T they send you your sc****d!!!SGT
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