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A Simple Guide for First Time Buyers

How to avoid Fakes.

People sell on eBay to make maximum profit.
You buy on eBay to get a genuine bargain.
These two principles are completely incompatible! 
Not 100% sure on what you are bidding?  


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Urgent UPDATE on New Season FAKES...follow this 2009 FAKES hyperlink.

and how time flies.....follow this 2011/2012 FAKES hyperlink.

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Are you looking for a guaranteed genuine Hermès designed and manufactured silk scarf?  Those characteristic forward rolled hems on heavy twill silk fabric,

with rich designs and depth of colours?  Quantities of fakes are sold every day on eBay.  Read these guides first to avoid being one of the unhappy Buyers.

You need to know what you are looking at....

La Treve de l'Eau

Please follow these hyperlinks below to access all my Ebay Guides: 

Attrape tes Reves

A Vos Crayons

A Walk in the Park

Balles de Golf

Bolduc au Carre

Bouclerie d'Attelage

Bouiteilles a la Mer (Ships in Bottles)

Cheval Surprise

Cirque Molier  

Dancing Pearls 

Dies et Hore

Les Clefs (Keys)


Les Coupes

Dans les Branches de l'Ombu Part I  

Dans les Branches de l'Ombu Part II


Des Fleurs pour le Dire


En Piste

Feux d'Artifice

Grande Roue

H en Voyage

Hola Flamenca


Jungle Love

Marine et Cavalerie

Op H


La Promenade de Longchamps


Un Siecle de Courses a Deauville

La Treve de l'Eau

Vif Argent

Les Zebres II and Les Zebres - Part II

Classic Case Study

Washing Hermes Scarves

Take better photos of your Hermes Scarves

Hermes Scarves with NO title

Care Labels on Hermes Scarves

Care Labels on FAKE silk scarves

Hermes designs by Xavier de Poret

Hermes designs by Philippe Ledoux

Hermes Fakes - A Quick Tour

Hermes - Italian Fakes

Hermes Paris - Examples

Hermes Scarves - Signatures

Hermes Scarves - Modern Copyright Marks

Hermes Scarves - Vintage Copyright Marks

Hermes - Jacquard Silk Scarves

Hermes Scarves - Some Source Material

Hermes Scarves - Some Source Material II

Hermes Scarves - Some Source Material III

Hermes Scarves - More Source Material!

Hermes Scarves - Some Source Frescos

Hermes Scarves - Bad Sellers and Unlucky Buyers

and my latest offering on washing scarves....  Remove dye bleeds by boiling!

Still not sure if what you are looking at is genuine...then don't bid!

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