Hi De Hi 80's BBC Comedy

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The BBC did some excellent comedy's in the 80's which Hi De Hi was one of the best.

Come for a holiday at Maplins and you will have the time of your life.

HI - DE - Hi, HO - DE - HO

Let me introduce you to are entertainments staff

Jeffery Fairbrother:- Entertainments Manager, Gladis Pugh:- Your radio Maplin announcer, Head yellow coats and your sports organizer, Ted Bovis:- Camp Host, Spike Dixon:- Camp Comic  Fred Quilly:- Riding Instructor, Mr Partridge:- Childrens Entertainer, Barry and Yvonne Stuart Hargreaves:- Your champion ballroom dancing instructors, The Girls:- Betty,Silva & Tracey. Finaly but not least the twins & Gary

You can't for get the (Potty) Chalet Maid Peggy:- I wan't to be a yellow coat. Ted:- I won't does'nt get if it did none of us would be working here Spike:- She's a lovely girls I'm sure she will make it. Ted:- Spike why do you keep coming out with things like that.

Ted:- Hallo again Miss Tyler or is it Mrs yet. I no the weather forcast for the next week is not very good. You will still have the time of your life again as that is what myself and the yellow coats are here for.

What shall we do with him "Chuck him in the pool"

 Entertainments Staff Meeting (Jeffery):- Thank you for all coming, I have a letter here from Joe Maplin. I will read it out as is, so don't be suprized if you don't understand some of it or there is some foul language.

Gladis's Radio Announcment:- Oh it's raining again. So instead of the tennis tournament were going to have novelty pin pong in the games room.

Mr Partridge:- I hate kids, Even when I was one I could not stand them, Betty:- Why did you become a childrens entertainer then.

"Hi De Hi - Hi De Ho Ted can't hear you, Hi De Hi - Hi De Ho"

3.30 We have the highlight of the week by the olympic size swimming pool. Blind fold bath the baby completion. (oh and information for the NSPCC we don't use real baby's).

Yvonne:- How many times have we told you to stop fiddling the campers. Ted:- Oh Shut up. Yvonne:- Barry your not going to let him speak like that to me are you  Barry:- Oh of course not dear.

Ballroom:- "Baby crying in chalet No 15"

Spikes Funny Costumes:- Policeman, Caveman, Baby, Fireplace (Peggy:- Whats funny about a fireplace).

Geffery:- I don't have to introuduce the compertition do I. I'm no good at that sort of thing. Ted:- Joe Maplin likes all his entertainments managers to introduce the competitions and your one. You took this Job, now get up there. 

Good night Campers, See you in the morning, good night camper I can see you yourning, good night campers good night.

Eight series from 1981 a total of 57 episodes.



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