Hidden Ebay items

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Many people buy off ebay, so how about the must have items at the minute, like frozen anna and elsa dolls? I will use the frozen dolls as an example,
No matter how hard you search you can never seem to find them at a bargain price.
well i have a few tips to help you find a few hidden jems that other people may not have found to bump the bidding to higher price.

first and most obviously one is SPELLING!.  Think carefully some people use auto spell and what could auto spell replace the words with for example frozen could be changed to froze or frosted, you would be shocked how often this happens and the seller does not notice, and because others are searching the word frozen then their item spelt with froze or frosted wont appear in the search results.

secondly think of other words people could call an item. for example some people call the frozen dolls plushes or teddies.

And thirdly dont forget to widen your search. make sure you search world wide, just because you are buying from another country, it does not mean the quality is any less, ive brought numerous things from places like italy france spain china hong kong,  and ive had plenty of great items. All items that are paid for via paypal are covered incase there is any problems, so dont be worrying about if to buy an item or not just because its from abroad, Buy away and if theres any problems you can file a dispute

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