High School Musical Shoes/Trainers

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Have seen a few guides about High School Musical clothes, games, toys etc and this is basically an extension of those. My 5 year old daughter loves High School Musical so as a result have spent loads of time trawling Ebay looking for t shirts, dresses, duvet sets etc but have always found them cheaper in my local Asda or at the Disney store website. Then my daughter said she'd like some High Scool Musical trainers. Having looked on Ebay i found them ranging in price from £16.99(not including P+P to £21(again not including P+P). With the P+P incuded I was looking at somewhere in the region of £23-28 as they all seem to come from America and until today I have never seen the trainers for sale anywhere but Ebay so was really disappointed at the prices because I think paying that much for trainers for a 5 year old is a joke! But there is hope...I found High School Musical trainers in Asda today selling for £10!! One really happy mum!! One word of caution though my daughter has big feet for her age(a size 12) so I was able to buy some but I didn't see any there smaller than a 10 but that may well have been a stock issue. So i guess the moral of the story is shop around! I love Ebay but it isn't always the best place to find a bargain!!!

Roo x

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