Hippy Clothes Buying Guide

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Hippy Clothes Buying Guide

With its comfortable and fun style, hippy clothing brings a flavour of the 1960s. Boho style trousers, loose tops and T-shirts, baggy trousers, and tunics with plenty of colour and texture create an earthy, natural look. If you want to dress in fun, relaxed style for a festival, every day, or an event, then hippy clothes are a great choice.


Hippy Outerwear

Coats, jackets, or vests are all necessary parts of a hippy outfit, mainly because many hippy clothes use thinner materials or no sleeves. Vests are a very popular element in both summer and winter styles. Crochet and leather cut-off vests are common, and many styles feature fringe and large buttons. Cut-off vests add texture to both men's and women's outfits, and usually make the ensemble edgier. Hippy pea coats and trench coats are popular with both sexes. Edgier styles like military green and camouflage coats and jackets also go well with bohemian and hippy clothing.


Hippy Jeans, Skirts, and Trousers

Most hippy jeans have fitted legs and flared bottoms, although the flare varies depending on the manufacturer. Bell-bottom jeans are the most noticeable option because they have a great deal of flare, but you can also choose bootcut jeans with less flare for a more casual look. Hippy trousers include a variety of types of trousers but mostly baggy styles such as harem pants. Popular skirt styles include everything from maxi to mini. Bright prints, geometrics, and tie-dye patterns are prevalent across hippy styles including trousers and skirts. Shorts are also very popular, with both high and low-waisted styles working for a hippy look.


Hippy Blouses and Tops

Hippy tops vary from a simple T-shirt, often with a favourite logo or band, to intricate lacy affairs for formal attire. Most fancy dress hippy costumes use longer tunics or short cropped tops. Sleeves can be short or long, but many long sleeved tops feature pointed sleeves with trailing hems. Pairing fitted or flowy tank tops with chiffon jackets, or kimonos is a good way to pull off a hippy look.


Hippy Dresses and Tunics

Hippy dresses and tunics usually include ethnic and bohemian style garments with flowing or no waist, and usually a variety of colours. Maxi dresses are the most common type of hippy dress, although other types of dress are also available. Consider looking for dresses in various materials such as cotton or linen, and then look for prints with personality, or no print at all, to pull off the look. Tunics are similar, although they vary in style and might include pockets, ruched hips, or belts depending on the style.

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