Hit the Deck Festival Ticket Buying Guide

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Hit the Deck Festival Ticket Buying Guide

The Hit the Deck Festival is a unique music event in that it is an indoor event that gives those in attendance the opportunity to see dozens of the top acts in alternative rock perform at some of the best venues in the UK. With a single ticket, concert-goers can access the entire lineup of the festival at all of these venues. This makes a ticket to the Hit the Desk Festival great value for those who might not otherwise be able to afford seeing this many bands in this many venues. Since the festival only occurs once a year, tickets are in high demand. Before buying tickets, it is important for people to know what to look for and what they need to buy. To ensure the best concert experience, it is important to understand what the festival offers festival-goers, and how to source the best deals on Hit the Deck Festival tickets on eBay.

What Is the Hit the Deck Festival?

The Hit the Deck Music Festival is an indoor music festival. It is an alternative music festival with some of the hottest rock bands taking the stage. Rather than having one large stage at an outdoor venue, the bands play in various music venues across Nottingham and Bristol. The festival spans over two days, with bands performing in Nottingham one day and Bristol the other.

Typically, a small number of bands headline the festival and play shows later in the day. More than 40 bands total take to the various stages over the course of the entire festival. There are also stages specifically set up for acoustic performances. Most of the bands perform in both Nottingham and Bristol, while some bands may only take the stage in one location and not the other.

Locations and Venues

As stated above, the Hit the Deck Festival takes place in both Nottingham and Bristol. With one ticket, music lovers can visit the top venues and see some of the hottest bands without having to pay for individual tickets to individual venues. Some people choose to attend the festival in both locations, but many opt to only see performances in Nottingham or Bristol. Before deciding which city to attend and which to buy tickets for, people should first look at the schedule for the festival to see which venues are participating.


Music fans who do not have transportation to travel from venue to venue can take advantage of the fact that the participating venues in Nottingham are all within walking distance of each other. People who attend the Hit the Deck Festival in Nottingham can see bands take the stages at Rock City, The Rescue Rooms, Stealth, and The Forum.


The venues in Bristol are spread out over the city. It is not possible to walk between the venues, so people must either arrange for transportation between the four locations or stick to watching the bands perform at a single venue. The venues that participate in the Hit the Deck Festival in Bristol are O2 Academy, The Thekla, The Fleece, and The Exchange.

Types of Tickets

Hit the Deck Festival tickets are sold separately for Nottingham and Bristol. Music fans must choose if they want to attend one or the other or purchase two separate tickets for each city. When shopping for tickets, it is important to note that there are a few different types of tickets to choose from. The table below lists these and describes the tickets required for admittance.

Ticket Type


General Admission

Basic ticket that allows the holder to enter the festival

Ticket Plus Aftershow

Ticket that allows the holder to enter the festival, as well as admittance to a limited seating aftershow


Both types of tickets are exchanged for a wristband at the front door of Rock City in Nottingham and The Thekla in Bristol; allows the wearer to travel from venue to venue and skip queues

Festival-goers must exchange their tickets for a wristband at the appropriate location before heading to any of the other venues. The festival starts at 12:00 p.m. in both locations, but it is recommended that people collect their wristbands before then. This wristband allows ticket-holders to avoid lines and crowds so that they do not miss their favourite bands play.

Children and the Hit the Deck Festival

Many events offer discounted tickets for children who attend shows. Unfortunately, Hit the Deck is not one of them. The festival is not appropriate for children under the age of 14. Some shows only allow people who are over the age of 18 to attend. Anyone younger is refused entry to the festival. Tickets are sold at a flat rate for everyone 14 years of age and older.

Limited Entry to Festival Venues

Because indoor venues have limited space, not everyone who shows up at a venue at a particular time automatically gains admittance. It is important for concert-goers to arrive at the venue early if there is a certain band that they wish to see perform. Those who arrive once the venue is full may be turned away. Fortunately, there are three other venues in each city that they can try should they find one venue to be at full capacity.

Arranging Accommodations

The Hit the Deck Festival does not have accommodations for people who travel from out of town. Likewise, no camping is allowed at any of the venues during the festival. People attending the festival need to book accommodation in advance. Since the festival draws a large crowd to each of the cities, it is important that arrangements for accommodation are made in advance, rather than upon arrival.

Buying Hit the Deck Festival Tickets

Hit the Deck Festival Tickets are officially for sale through Ticketmaster. People pay full price for the tickets through this vendor in addition to covering service charges and other fees. When purchasing through Ticketmaster, tickets can easily be tracked and delivered to the buyer in time to attend the concert. However, Hit the Deck Festival tickets can be sourced through a number of other places as well. As is often the case, music fans purchase tickets prior to the event only to learn later that they are unable to attend. They then sell the tickets in an attempt to recoup some of the cost of their tickets. These resold tickets are often cheaper than those tickets purchased through Ticketmaster, but there are a few things to consider prior to purchasing resold tickets to the Hit the Deck Festival.


Whether buying through Ticketmaster or another person, it is important to obtain the quantity of tickets that is required. This can easily be done through Ticketmaster, but is a bit tricker through a private seller. If a person purchased a pair of tickets and plans to resell them, they are unlikely to sell them each individually. Buyers have to either buy both resold tickets or none. Those looking for discount tickets should make sure that the seller has the number of tickets that they wish to purchase to avoid hassles down the line.

Checking Dates

Since the Hit the Deck Festival takes place in two different cities on two different days, it is important to select the tickets for the proper date. Some sellers offer old tickets for sale as memorabilia. It is important for shoppers to check the dates to make sure that they are valid for the upcoming festival rather than a relic from a previous festival.

Postage and Packaging

People buying tickets should factor in the cost of postage when making a purchase. They should also calculate how long it should take for the tickets to arrive. When buying tickets close to the date of the festival, it may be worth it to pay extra for expedited postage. This ensures that the tickets arrive in time for the festival.

How to Buy Hit the Deck Festival Tickets on eBay

In the months and weeks prior to the Hit the Deck Festival, you can find an abundance of tickets for this music festival on eBay. The site is a large marketplace that allows people to list tickets for sale and connect with potential buyers across the UK. You can find a number of tickets in different quantities and prices here. If you are looking for a great deal on concert tickets, eBay should be the first place that you look.

Searching for Hit the Deck Festival Tickets

When looking for Hit the Deck Festival tickets, start by performing a basic keyword search. This returns all listings that contain those specific keywords. Once those initial listings are returned, you can narrow down the results by selecting different filter options. You can choose the quantity, date, and even set the price that you wish to spend. Some sellers on eBay offer free postage, so you can filter the results to only show those listings. From there, read the descriptions and view images to find the festival tickets that you wish to purchase.


With more than 40 bands taking to various stages at the Hit the Deck Festival, people who love alternative rock can spend an entire weekend enjoying their favourite type of music at this celebrated rock festival. Staged in Nottingham and Bristol over two days, the Hit the Deck Festival offers fans a variety of opportunities to experience their favourite bands in some of the top music venues in both cities. Because this is an indoor music festival, space can be limited. This means that people who plan to attend need to prepare in advance to make sure that they do not miss out on their favourite acts. The biggest part of this advance planning involves making sure that they have their tickets and everything else required to gain admittance to the venues.

With several different types of tickets to choose from, buying the right ones can save the buyer lots of time and money. Because the show does not allow children to attend and does not provide accommodations for concert-goers, music fans need to make their own arrangements regarding childcare and lodging. When looking for deals on Hit the Deck Festival tickets, shoppers can find what they need on eBay.

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