Hodson Guitars (Jackhammer Custom)

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Today I received a new Hodson Jackhammer Custom Guitar.. It cost under 150 quid! So what can you expect for that amount?.. Well, as it turns out, quite a lot...

The jackhammer is essentially a strat copy.. Same body shape (sort of) same pickup config etc. So, what was I expecting for 150 notes? To be honest, based on previous experience, not an awful lot.. I expected this guitar to scream CHEAP right out of the box. However, upon opening the box, my eyes were met by a translucent, shiny red guitar with a pearl scratchplate.. Nice!... Okay, now I fully expect the finish to be a bit, well, rushed. After all this is classed as a 'cheap guitar'.

I have checked the finish on this guitar from top to toe and cannot find a fault anywhere! The finish standard is very high indeed.. The pictures in the advert show, as expected, a perfect shiny object of desire.... and..... thats what you get!!!! I am truly amazed!..... Now to plug it in!

I use a Laney GC30 as a practice amp and I am used to the sound of my Fender strat and Schecter super strat through it, so I was not expecting the Hodson to compete at that level, but did expect it to be 'playable'..... The Laney was set up 'flat' with a touch of reverb which has a very bluesy sound when i use the strat. Putting the Hodson on bridge pickup, i cranked up the amp a bit and played a powerchord.... This guitar is as bright as breaking glass!!! A much sharper sound than the strat in the same position.... Not too sure if I like it ... I dont dislike it though!  Into the second position and I have a smile on my face! SPANKY or what!!!! I love the sound... Think of a strat and how it should sound and thats the sound my neighbours are listening to as I play! Again, it seems quite a bit brighter than the strat in the same position .... but I quite like it!!

Basically, in my opinion, this guitars sound is like a strat with razorblades in it... The sound can be modified by backing off the treble tone pot, but dont go too far or you start to lose a lot of mid tone.

I dont want to go on too much but what I would like to say is this:   If somebody just handed me the jackhammer and asked me to make an offer.... I would probably try and get it cheap by offering 250 and expect it to cost about 350.... So, with a 150 price tag, this guitar is FANTASTIC.... For me? Well, I am very pleased to own one and will definitly use it a lot but I will be changing the pickups some time in the future.... That sounds bad, but the sheer fact that I would consider spending a further 100 - 200 on new pups for this guitar says a lot about its build quality and finish...

If you are a bit skint like me but you want a quality instrument then i would recommend a Hodson... You can't lose!!
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