Home Cinema Genres on eBay

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Home Cinema Genres on eBay

Many individuals, couples, and families enjoy relaxing on the sofa after a long day. Some invest money in a large home cinema system to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. The system may be comprised of a flat-screen TV and a surround sound system, all arranged on or within an entertainment stand.. On the shelves in the entertainment stand or somewhere nearby, users typically store their collection of movies and TV shows. Fans of home cinema often add to their collection periodically, choosing films and shows which fit their personal preferences and can provide entertainment for years to come.

eBay's home cinema products, including movies and TV shows, are organised by genre. Buyers select their favourite genres so that they can quickly find the movies or TV shows which are of the most interest to them. When shoppers are ready to purchase their entertainment, they are able to choose genres typically listed for home cinema products, including movies and TV shows.

Action and Adventure

Action cinema is generally very intense and exciting for viewers. Movies in the action and adventure genre are characterised by spectacular battles or fights and possibly destruction on an epic scale, often caused by explosions or natural disasters like storms, floods, or earthquakes. Because of the fast pace of these stories and the adventurous tones, there is not a lot of time for character development. As a result, the characters in action and adventure cinema may be rather two dimensional. There is usually a 'good' character pitted against a 'bad' character or characters. Some cinema may be more specific to the adventure category, featuring unique settings and possibly including a journey or quest of some kind, in which the main character searches for a treasure or pursues a goal.

Animation and Anime

Movies in the animation category typically use computer-generated images (CGI), drawings, claymation, or stop motion to produce the series of images required to tell the stories. The chart below illustrates the differences between each type of animation.

Animation Type



Traditional Animation Hand-drawn or painted images are placed in sequence and run at a particular speed to supply the illusion of fluid movement Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast
Stop-Motion Animation Small figures and objects are placed in different positions and photographed hundreds of times to produce a series of images which, at fast speeds, provides the movie Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas
Claymation This type of animation is very similar to stop-motion animation, except that only clay figures are used Wallace and Gromit
Computer-Generated Imagery

Computer programmes are used to model and manipulate the characters, props, and settings for the movie

Toy Story 3, Tangled, Gnomeo and Juliet

The majority of animated movies are designed for children because of their cartoon-like atmosphere. In contrast, many anime movies and shows are widely popular with adults because of their more intense or mature subject matter. Anime is a Japanese style of animation featuring fantasy and sci-fi elements, vibrant worlds, unique characters, and a specific style of drawing and presenting the characters and events.

Children's and Family

The children's and family cinema genre includes movies which are produced with families and children in mind. These movies typically have positive, wholesome themes and lack any elements that might be frightening, inappropriate, or disturbing for children. The suspense, danger, and action in these movies is generally less intense than in other films, and the comic elements are highlighted.


Comedies are created to make people laugh. They typically feature quirky characters in odd or exaggerated scenarios. The dialogue, actions, and settings are all designed to connect with the audience, make them feel comfortable, and incite laughter. Some subgenres include slapstick comedy, parodies, romantic comedies, dark comedies, and screwball comedies.


A documentary is a non-fiction, factual presentation of a topic. Documentaries often feature historical characters or events. They sometimes address a broader social topic such as obesity, education, or parenting.


Educational cinema is designed to teach viewers something. Usually such movies and shows are aimed at children and include segments which reinforce science concepts, encourage reading, and promote math skills. They may also have portions that invite children to imitate the exercises or movement which they see on the screen, developing muscle control and body awareness.

Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and fitness videos typically feature an instructor and a group of participants in the background. They may teach dance moves, or they may simply focus on a particular workout. Viewers listen to the instructor and match their movements to those on the screen. Exercise and fitness movies usually include catchy music to help participants get into the rhythm of the workout.


Horror movies tap into the deepest fears of human beings. They are cathartic in many ways, allowing viewers to experience and release their feelings of terror, anxiety, or shock. Science fiction elements are often present in horror movies, as they take the movies from the normal and possible into the realm of nightmares. Vampires, werewolves, monsters, aliens, demons, ghosts, spiders, bats, snakes, and serial killers often make appearances in the horror genre.

Music and Concerts

Great performances are often recorded so that fans can enjoy them at home. These include operas, musicals, recitals, and concerts. Buyers can purchase DVDs or Blu-rays of their favourite operas and enjoy them over and over, while relaxing in the comfort of their own home.

Musicals and Broadway

Musicals and Broadway plays may be recorded live, or they may be adapted as a movie. Cinema which includes dance routines, musical numbers, and other such elements as part of the story fall into this category. For instance, the classic Broadway musical The Phantom of the Opera has been made into a movie numerous times.


Within the romance genre,, plots usually feature the meeting of two individuals who develop a romantic relationship. There are often obstacles to the relationship, perhaps in the form of social differences or other people. In most romance movies, the obstacles are surmounted and love triumphs. In others, the ending may be harshly realistic or even tragic. Romantic plots and elements are found in many different movie genres.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Science fiction films transport their viewers to a future time and place. Aliens, other planets, strange scenarios, troubled heroes, and advanced technology are common in these movies. Fantasy films feature some of the same elements, but they usually go backward in time rather than forward. They may include medieval or fairy tale settings, and they often include magic or supernatural themes. Within the genre of sci-fi and fantasy,, buyers can find dozens of subgenres.


Sports movies are designed to inspire their viewers and to reinforce their love for a particular sport or team. These films usually depict a small team struggling against great odds to achieve glory and success. Within the sports cinema genre, buyers may also find documentaries about the history and triumphs of well-known teams.

Other Genres

Other popular home cinema genres include mysteries,, which involve the solving of crimes or puzzles, and thrillers,, which combine elements from the action/adventure category and the horror category. Buyers may also see a western genre,, featuring movies set in the American Old West, and they may see a world cinema genre for foreign films.

TV shows may also be considered a category within home cinema. The genres used to categorise TV shows closely parallel movie genres.

Buying Movie and TV Show Genres for Home Cinema on eBay

If you are interested in movies or TV shows, you can start on eBay's homepage and type "DVD" or "Blu-ray" into the search bar. From there, you can look for the genre which you want, which may include Action & Adventure or Children's & Family,, or some other genre. You can also narrow your search by selecting the shipping options, seller options, price range, and other features that most closely reflect your needs.

When you save an eBay search,, eBay will email you whenever a seller posts a new listing which matches your search. If you cannot find a particular movie or TV show, try searching eBay Shops,, an area of eBay's website which provides a retail-style experience.

Some eBay sellers provide free shipping and return policies. Others may offer bundles or package deals that include several movies at one low price. You can also search for listings offered by eBay's Top-rated sellers.. These highly rated sellers are known for providing high-quality products, responding to their customers' questions courteously, and shipping items quickly. To ask any eBay seller a question about a movie or TV show, simply click on the "Ask a Question" link that appears on every listing page. You can also go to the seller's profile and click on the "Contact Member" link.


Home cinema collections typically reflect the preferences of their owners. People who enjoy dramas and romance tend to stock their shelves with those kind of movies and TV shows. Others who prefer gritty or intense cinema choose movies in the horror, action, or thriller genres. Homes with large families often develop a motley collection comprised of many different genres, since each member of the family has unique entertainment preferences. On the other hand, some individual collectors may be very focused on accumulating TV shows and movies within specific genres, such as the mystery, comedy, western, or documentary genres. In most cases, buyers looking for new entertainment will find eBay's home cinema genres to be very helpful during the search process. With a little investigation, buyers are able to find some exciting new titles that will help them relax and enjoy their evenings after long days in classes or at work.

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